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Justified: City Primeval Season 2


Justified: City Primeval
season 2 news is still uncertain as FX holds the decision. The creators are ready to come back if given the opportunity.
The possibility of a second season of
Justified: City Primeval
leaves room for a potential reunion between Raylan and Winona.
While the original series finale was acclaimed,
Justified: City Primeval
season 2 sets up a fitting ending that fans would be excited about.

With Justified: City Primeval wrapped up, viewers are already looking for Justified: City Primeval season 2 news in the hopes the revival can continue. Based on the character created by Elmore Leonard, Justified starred Timothy Olyphant as Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens, a modern cowboy lawman dealing with the criminal element of his hometown of Harlan County, Kentucky. Justified: City Primeval takes Raylan out of Kentucky to deal with an outlaw in Detroit. While the revival was largely a standalone story, it planted seeds for Justified: City Primeval season 2.

Based on another work by Leonard, Justified: City Primeval has Olyphant back as Raylan Givens, who finds himself lured into a case in Detroit while on a trip with his daughter Willa, played by the star’s real-life daughter Vivian Olyphant. The case puts him head-to-head with dangerous and reckless outlaw Clement Mansell (Boyd Holbrook). The show sees Raylan still has the cowboy swagger but also finds the character evolving in some interesting way while setting up some potential future stories that fans will be thrilled about if the Justified: City Primeval season 2 news points to the show’s future.

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Justified: City Primeval Season 2 Latest News

Showrunner Michael Dinner Wants To Do Another Season

Justified: City Primeval season 2 latest news comes as series executive producer and co-showrunner Michael Dinner addressed the conditions for Justified: City Primeval’s renewal. Dinner was open to returning for another season, but put the ball in FX’s court when stating that “It’s up to FX — what they want to do, if they want to tell the next chapter.” However, Dinner also noted that if FX doesn’t decide to renew the series, then “we feel really good about where we ended.”

Justified: City Primeval concluded in August 2023.

Justified: City Primeval Season 2 Is Not Confirmed

No Word Yet On The Show’s Future

Timothy Olyphant at a harbor from Justified City Primeval season 1, episode 8

Justified: City Primeval season 2 is not confirmed at this point. Justified: City Primeval was initially presented as a limited series, but many of those involved have hinted at the possibility of more to come. When it comes to Timothy Olyphant’s Justified return, the actor coyly suggested that he’d “show up” if they decided to continue Raylan’s story.

Justified: City Primeval Season 2 Cast

Who Could Return?

The Justified: City Primeval season 2 cast is unknown, but it is guaranteed that any continuation of the show would see Timothy Olyphant return as Raylan Givens. It also seems likely that a second season will see Olyphant’s real-life daughter Vivian Olyphant return as Raylan’s daughter Willa. However, it is less likely any other members of the Justified: City Primeval cast would return for the next story.

The biggest return that was teased in season 1 was Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder, Raylan’s main antagonist and former coal mining friend in the original series. Natalie Zea also returned as Raylan’s ex-wife Winona, hinting at more between them. Other supporting characters who pop up in the Justified: City Primeval finale include Matt Craven as Dan Grant, Raylan’s boss in Miami, and David Koechner as fellow Miami marshal Greg Sutter.

Characters who could return in season 2 include:


Justified: City Primeval Role

Timothy Olyphant

Raylan Givens

Vivian Olyphant

Willa Givens

Walton Goggins

Boyd Crowder

Natalie Zea


Matt Craven

Dan Grant

David Koechner

Greg Sutter

Justified: City Primeval Season 2 Story

What Could Happen Next?

Timothy Olyphant in Justified City Primeval at a marina

There have been no details on the Justified: City Primeval season 2 story, but there are a lot of possible directions it could take. The Justified: City Primeval finale reunion between Raylan and Winona suggests a future between them worth exploring. Raylan and Winona’s on-again-off-again relationship was largely due to Raylan’s dangerous job and his leaving it behind finally suggests a possible reunion.

However, the ending of Justified: City Primeval suggests Raylan’s retirement will be short-lived as Boyd Crowder is seen escaping from prison. Though Justified’s finale ended things amicably, there is no doubt Raylan would go after Boyd learning that he had escaped. The most likely plot would revolve around Boyd discovering that Ava, his former fiancé who betrayed him, is not only alive but hiding the son Boyd didn’t know about.

Justified City Primeval Poster

Justified: City Primeval

Justified: City Primeval is the revival sequel series to the original show that ran for six seasons between 2010 to 2015. The sequel series was announced in January 2022 with Timothy Olyphant returning as US Marshal Raylan Givens. The new series takes Givens to Detroit to help local police in a dangerous manhunt.

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