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Kim Kardashian’s Car Collection Includes Matching Gray Rolls Royce, Maybach and Lamborghini

Kim Kardashian knows how to roll when it comes to luxury vehicles. She gave a rare look at her three favorite autos in her car collection during a February 18 house tour video for Vogue, showing off the cherished cars and explaining why she loves them so much.

“I put out my three faves … my Lamborghini Urus, which has this kit on the front of it, so it looks a little different,” Kim began while standing in her driveway, showing off the car’s custom detailing that makes her Lambo special.

The entrepreneur treated herself to the $600,000 one-of-a-kind Lamborghini in August 2021 as a post-split splurge six months after filing for divorce from estranged husband Kanye West in February of that year. She was seen taking it for a drive while the vehicle still had paper dealer plates on it, and the car rolled off the lot in the custom gray color that it is today.

The Skims founder moved on to the next car, sharing, “My Rolls Royce is gray also. It’s a Ghost. It has the cutest crystal lady, I just think that’s so unique,” Kim explained about the iconic hood ornament that adorns Rolls Royces. Unlike the silver ones that most Rolls have, Kim’s was made of frosted crystal.

“My favorite baby ever, ever, ever is the Maybach Sedan,” Kim revealed as she moved on to the final car in her driveway. “I love everything about it. I love painting the emblem gray. If I were to pick one, that’s my baby. Right there, that’s my baby,” she said about the exclusive Mercedes sedan. Kim received several 2021 Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS’ for Christmas in 2020 from Kanye, though it’s unclear if Kim’s “baby” is one of the cars she was gifted.

Kim revealed that she’s had her cars painted to match the aesthetic of her $60 million Hidden Hills home. “I’ve always been a car girl. I love cars and I really wanted something different. I wanted my cars to kind of blend in,” she told viewers, explaining, “My house is gray and I kind of wanted them to match the house. So, I did all gray cars instead of my typical matte-silver that I used to do.” Kim’s definitely a woman who knows what she wants, especially when it comes to her luxury car collection!

Scroll down to view photos of Kim’s luxury car collection.

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