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Love Is Blind’s Deepti’s Brother Slams Her ‘Loser’ Ex Shake After Finale: ‘I’m Not Sympathetic’

Not holding back! Love Is Blind star Deepti Vempati’s brother, Sunny Vempati, did not hold back when it came to his feelings about her ex-fiancé, Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, while supporting his sister following the explosive season 2 finale.

“Now, normally, I don’t get involved in drama but I’mma defend my sister here: ‘Shake’, bruh, you’re a loser,” Sunny wrote via Instagram in a joint statement with his partner, Hina. “You minimized my sister’s life by making some awful and cringeworthy comments about her. You made these statements knowing your own mom would one day watch it; my parents and my entire family had to sit through you talking behind my sister’s back about insecurities she fought her entire life. Despite your comments on and off camera about her body, she continued to only ever be supportive of you, despite our best efforts to convince her to see through your BS. THAT’S the person she is.”

Sunny thought Shake appeared on the Netflix show for “clout,” adding that he doesn’t feel “sympathetic” about the “hate” the contestant has been receiving.

Sunny Vempati/Instagram

“In spite of your best efforts to pretend this was all fictional and it was because of the ‘edit,’ no one forced you to say those words,” Sunny’s post continued. “Good luck with the rest of your life and stay the f–k away from my sister.”

Deepti and Shake got engaged in the pods before seeing each other in person. However, once they began their journey in the real world, it was not smooth sailing for the couple. Shake frequently told his costars and friends that he didn’t feel a physical attraction to his then-fiancée and was undecided about marrying her on their impending wedding day.

However, it was Deepti who walked away from Shake at the altar and left as a single woman. 

“We wish you didn’t pick that [clown] but despite his childishness, you carried yourself with grace and continued to see the good in people,” Sunny and Hina’s statement continued, adding that their family is so “incredibly proud” of her.

“We’ve witnessed you grow into such an incredible and beautiful woman; you’ve inspired so many people to realize their self-worth and demand what they deserve and settle for nothing less,” Sunny gushed in the statement. 

For her part, Deepti shared her brother’s message on her own Instagram with the caption, “The love and support from my family is unmatched.”

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