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Misha Collins Reveals Why Jensen Ackles Roasted Him For His Burger Scenes On Supernatural – Exclusive

On how his “Supernatural” burger scenes came about, Misha Collins said in a recent Mashed interview, “I hadn’t done a lot of eating on ‘Supernatural’ up until that point. For those who are reading this and who don’t know, this was an episode in which Famine — the embodied character of Famine — casts a spell on me, and he makes me voraciously hungry and insatiable.”

Noting the absurdity of the moment, Collins added, “I keep eating and eating, and I’m eating, for some reason, burgers. I end up on all fours eating out of a dog dish at one point. I’m eating what appears to be raw ground beef, but in fact, it was vegetarian ground beef, also raw. That was pretty vile.” Of course, angels don’t have much cause for eating. As Collins further explained, “My character was an angel on the show, and angels in the supernatural universe don’t need to eat.”

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