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One Of Law & Order: SVU's Best Casting Choices According To Fans

Many were quick to agree, including u/hannahsflora, who commented, “Kelli Giddish also sells the hell out of the material she’s given,” adding that they “couldn’t imagine anyone else doing better as Rollins.” Some fans on the thread went so far as to say that, if Mariska Hargitay were to leave, “SVU” star Kelli Giddish might be able to “carry the show.” Redditor u/TropangTexter said Giddish’s “ability to have chemistry with pretty much anyone is a testament to her great acting abilities … regardless of what you may feel about Rollins.” 

Elsewhere on the popular subreddit, fans highlighted the actor’s performance in specific episodes. “After watching last night’s episode,” u/ravenqueen7 wrote of Season 23’s “Burning with Rage Forever,” “I was surprised by just how much Kelli Giddish’s performance struck me … What a great performance for the actress. I hope we are treated to more.” In a separate thread, u/Dontsteponsnails wrote that “every emotional scene with Rollins feels so real … most notably in (Season 16’s ‘Forgiving Rollins’) and her scenes dealing with her kids/motherhood.” User u/dogtorjen lauded the actor’s performance in Season 19’s heartbreaking “The Book of Esther,” while another fan summed up their (and seemingly many others’) appreciation for Giddish’s portrayal in the following manner. “Rollins annoys the crap out of me because of her abysmal decision-making,” wrote Redditor u/snarkypant, “but Giddish makes her believable and sympathetic; I understand why Rollins is a hot mess, even if it bugs me.” 

And there you have it. Despite many viewers’ ambivalence toward Rollins, they know exactly where they stand with regard to the series’ decision to cast Giddish in the role.  

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