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Seal Team Paramount Plus Movie – What We Know So Far

As of this writing, the “SEAL Team” series is still going strong on Paramount+. Two of the 14 Season 5 episodes — “Pillar of Strength” and “All Bravo Stations” — have yet to premiere, and plans are still in place for the sixth season. Although, it remains unknown how far along into production this next batch of episodes is, so, naturally, Season 6 still lacks a kick-off date. So, what does this mean for the impending “SEAL Team” film’s potential release date?

With this information in mind, a handful of scenarios are possible. The “SEAL Team” crew could get to work on Season 6 next, so it’s able to debut on Paramount+ first, thus pushing the movie further into the future. Alternatively, production on the film could begin before Season 6, so it could arrive on streaming and serve as an interlude between the fifth and sixth seasons. Finally, and least likely of all, the movie and Season 6 could be shot simultaneously and drop around the same time to build hype for both.

Regardless, it stands to reason that the “SEAL Team” movie won’t be watchable until late 2022 or early 2023.

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