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Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown’s Incredible Weight Loss Transformation: See Photos From Her Journey

Celebrating her progress. Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has undergone an inspiring weight loss journey, and now, she’s being there for her fans who may need support on their own fitness and dieting endeavors.

Sharing a side-by-side photo showing the difference her dieting has made in January 2022, Janelle wrote in the caption, “To that one soul reading this today…I know [you’re] tired, feel your weight won’t budge, can’t sleep, have sugar cravings, you’re fed up and you just don’t feel like YOU anymore.”

Weeks before sharing the encouraging message, Janelle opened up about how everyone’s health journey looks different, but the work is all worth it in the end.

“Health isn’t a one size fits all thing, and it may not look the same for everyone, but it is something worth fighting for,” she shared in a note to her followers on New Year’s Eve, posting a photo with Christine Brown, who announced in November 2021 that she was leaving husband Kody Brown after 27 years of marriage.

“Whether it’s weight management, improving your nutrition, being more active, improving stomach issues, reducing autoimmune symptoms, gaining more energy, improving blood pressure, cholesterol and lipid levels, sleeping better, getting rid of recurring headaches, or just feeling better, healthier and more confident, your best life doesn’t have to wait,” Janelle, who launched a fitness program with her daughter Maddie Brush (née Brown), added. “In fact … it shouldn’t!”

Janelle previously showed off her weight loss in side-by-side photos that showed off her slimmer face in August 2021.

“Change comes first with the decision to try,” the mom of six wrote. “Trying comes with the decision to continue. Continuing comes with the decision to be committed. I wanted and needed something but I didn’t know what.”

Janelle told fans that the “before” image was snapped in February 2021, when she thought that was “how it was supposed to be.” After sticking to a health regimen with Maddie, Janelle felt the process gave her the results she wanted as seen in her “after” photo captured in late July.

“Her sharing with me has forever changed the way I feel,” Janelle wrote. “I didn’t start this for a month hoping for it to change everything. I started this because I was willing to put in the time for change to happen.”

“My sugar cravings are gone. Energy is through the roof, skin is more clear, mental clarity, weight loss, less inflammation, better sleep at night and SO much more,” she added. “I am a whole new me! I feel amazing and this is just the beginning.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see Janelle’s weight loss transformation!

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