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Sneak Peek: Aimee’s Pet Pig Makes His (Stinky) Debut On MTV Floribama Shore

MTV Floribama Shore is “back in the South, baby” after the crew spent some QT in Montanabama Shore and Lake Havasuuuuuu. In the sneak peek, below, the Georgia-based vacation is off to a bit of a dirty (and stinky) start.

“I don’t who smells worse — me or the pig,” Codi declares about his and Aimee’s current state (they are covered in mud) and her petite pet as they arrive at their new Athens abode.

When Aimee and Codi reunite with Nilsa and Kirk, the latter pair is visibly confused about their roomies’ filthy state. And the oinking generating from Aimee’s purse.

“Leave it to Aimee to have a Louis Vuitton bag as a pig carrier,” Nilsa quips.

So why are Codi and Aimee filthy? And how do Aimee’s pig and Nilsa’s puppy get along when they first meet? Watch the sneak peek, and do not miss the season premiere of MTV Floribama Shore next Thursday, September 16 at 8/7c!

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