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The Best Character In Bofuri According To Fans

In a Reddit poll on the r/BoFuri subreddit, fans of the series cast their votes for their favorite “Bofuri” character. When the dust had finally settled, it was none other than series protagonist Maple who had been crowned the victor, winning the poll with a landslide 67 percent of the vote. To some devoted Maple fans, even that landmark number wasn’t enough. “*Sees that Maple hasnt 100% votes* Welp, time for a new crusade~” Redditor u/NicktheRose commented on the poll.

Despite Maple’s runaway success in terms of popularity with fans, a couple other characters managed to gather a fair few of the remaining votes. Series deuteragonist Risa and her sword-wielding NewWorld persona Sally came in second place with roughly 16 percent of the vote. “I wish I could vote for both – Maple and Sally,” u/James_Kort commented.

While Maple has made a name for herself as an extremely beloved protagonist in the eyes of many viewers, fans’ opinions on their favorite “Bofuri” character are, of course, subject to change in the future. The show’s upcoming 2nd season, which is set to premiere sometime in 2022, could very well lead to some new fan-favorites being forged, but only time will tell.

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