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The Best Mindhunter Character According To Fans

Special agent Holden Ford both co-founded and works in the FBI Behavioral Science Unit alongside his counterpart Bill Tench. Ford’s character grows tremendously throughout the series as he learns to control his sometimes overly-eager attitude and manage his panic attacks.

The character has become a fan favorite with Redditors like u/CobraKaiSince1984, who started a thread titled, “Holden Ford is one of my favourite characters of all time.” They aren’t the only ones that think so either, as several users chimed in to agree with the statement. U/FireStahrk pointed out some of the more likable characteristics of agent Ford, saying, “I also like Holden. Maybe it’s because of my love for JG, but his straight-faced delivery of the humorous lines is fantastic.”

Another Redditor, u/genie_on_a_porcini, even compared Ford to a classic character from the world of serial killer literature, writing, “He’s like Bill Graham in Red Dragon his ability to empathize and get in the headspace of serial killers combined with his growing ego leaves him open to the same trappings that get them caught.”

Ford works tirelessly on “Mindhunter” to learn what makes a killer commit such atrocities and has proven that he’s quite good at what he does. The series keeps it interesting by adding depth and realness to characters like Ford as he deals with the stress of his job on a regular basis. The way he handles himself and the sometimes hard-to-watch work he does on the show has earned him a place as the best character in “Mindhunter.”

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