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The Character Everyone Forgets Lauren Graham Played On Seinfeld

Lauren Graham appeared as Jerry Seinfeld’s love interest Valerie on “Seinfeld” Season 8, Episode 20, “The Millineum.” Jerry is shocked to discover that he’s No. 7 on Valerie’s speed dial after just two dates. When Jerry is late picking Valerie up for a date, he notices he’s fallen in the speed dial rankings to No. 9. Jerry realizes Valerie’s speed dial is like a “relationship barometer,” which motivates him to go out of his way to make a “good impression” — buying her flowers, taking her on a special date, purchasing her a gift certificate. He’s thrilled when he discovers his hard work lands him in the top spot. However, there’s competition for the coveted slot — Valerie’s stepmother, Mrs. Hamilton (Louan Gideon), who spent 13 years trying to get to No. 1.

Jerry finds himself caught in a feud between Valerie and her stepmother, the latter of whom puts Jerry on her speed dial to make Valerie jealous. Jerry brokers a peace deal between the two women, but while Valerie believes Mrs. Hamilton deletes Jerry’s number from her speed dial, she disguises it as poison control. Of course, Valerie finds out about the betrayal, but Jerry is just excited to have landed a slot even more coveted than No. 1.

Graham isn’t the only “Gilmore Girls” cast member to appear on “Seinfeld.” Scott Patterson, who played Lorelai’s longtime love Luke Danes, appeared on Season 7, Episode 9, “The Sponge.”

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