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The Ending Of Edens Zero Explained

With the people of Sun Jewel free, and the mystery of Valkyrie’s disappearance solved, the crew returns back to the Edens Zero, where they are confronted by the other three Shining Stars: Hermit Mio, Witch Regret, and Sister Ivry (via the Edens Zero wiki). Each one is a machine like Valkyrie, and while most seem to accept their friend’s death right away, Sister is furious that the crew left her body on the planet: revealing that they could have revived her using the backup memory cache within the ship.

Shiki manages to convince her that they have to accept that one of their friends is dead, as that is what makes machines just as alive as the rest of them. It’s another heartbreaking moment that drives home the fact that, in this world, machines are just as alive as humans are. This message is further reinforced when Homura vows to take Valkyrie’s place despite being a human, and the others accept her as the newest member of the Shining Stars.

With the 4 Shining Stars finally assembled at last, the crew of the Edens Zero is complete, which means that the ship can finally navigate outside of the Sakura Cosmos to continue their journey for “Mother.” Thus, Season 1 ends with our heroes set to begin the next step of their journey, and emphasizes the series’ main theme of connection between man and machine.

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