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The Job You Didn't Know Danielle Colby Had Before American Pickers

Throughout her lengthy “American Pickers” run, Danielle Colby has taken on a handful of different responsibilities. When she isn’t at the Antique Archaeology desk to remotely assist those on the road in finding worthwhile picks, she checks out items herself and strikes up deals on behalf of the shop. After all, she too has a wealth of knowledge to offer, with one of her areas of expertise being burlesque dancing. This is because both before and during her time on “Pickers,” she took it up as a hobby and eventually made it a career.

“There’s something very empowering about burlesque. I started learning right away. I started performing way too soon,” she said in a 2019 interview with Freshly Inked, explaining the importance of burlesque dancing to her and how she has developed her own style on stage. Speaking of style, Colby’s love for the art form led her to open the boutique 4Miles 2Memphis in 2011, which sold vintage clothing and accessories. Additionally, she took part in a 2016 documentary focused on dancer Tempest Storm, putting her love for burlesque history on full display.

Danielle Colby has become a television star and a necessary component of “American Pickers.” However, it’s clear that her appreciation of burlesque dancing hasn’t gone anywhere and likely never will.

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