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‘The Little Couple’ Season 15 Update: When the Show Is Coming Back, More Details

TLC’s The Little Couple has had fans loving stars Bill Klein and his wife, Dr. Jennifer Arnold, since the show’s inception in 2009. The reality show follows the couple, who both have a rare form of dwarfism, as they navigate their personal and professional lives. And viewers are hungry for more episodes!

Bill and Jennifer share son Will and daughter Zoey. The pair adopted Will from Hohhot, China, in March 2013. His adoption was featured in season 5. They subsequently adopted Zoey from India in October of that year.

Bill and Jen shot to fame with their reality series, which helped bring more awareness to their conditions. Bill stands at 4 feet and has a rare variation of a skeletal dysplasia called Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia. Jen’s height stands at 3 foot 2 and has a rare type of dwarfism called Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Type Strudwick.

Jennifer and Bill also hold some pretty impressive careers. Jen is a neonatologist while her husband is a medical supplies and telemarketing businessman. Their combined net worth of an estimated $3.5 million is also pretty cool!

While the series has not aired any new seasons as of June 2021, the couple still are pretty active on social media and they love to keep their fans updated on their lives.

On June 20, Jen shared a cute video of her kids and their cousins splashing around during a fun pool day. Just two days earlier, Jen and Zoey soaked up some sun at the beach together. In May, Jen shared an adorable throwback snap of Will’s Star Wars-themed 7th birthday bash.

The show has had 14 seasons so far, so when are new episodes going to be hitting viewers’ TV screens?

Is ‘The Little Couple’ Getting Canceled or Renewed?

While the show has yet to be officially renewed, the last time the series aired new episodes was in August 2019. It is a major possibility that the 2020 coronavirus pandemic may have impacted the show’s filming and halted production. However, there has also been no word of a cancellation either.

What Happened Last Season?

Fans saw Jen’s hip replacement surgery last season, as well as the emotions her whole family goes through as she underwent the procedure. The family also celebrated Will’s 9th birthday, as well as Bill and Jen’s wedding anniversary.

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