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The Most Heartbreaking Tony Moment On Gold Rush Season 12

In Episode 4 of “Gold Rush” Season 12, Tony Beets gets hit with an unexpected disappointment. The episode, titled “$9 Million Mistake,” sees Beets excitedly preparing to receive a license he’s had to wait two years to get, which will allow him to mine the Indian River. Once he gets it, Beets believes he’ll be able to put together a record-breaking mining season for himself. Unfortunately, when Beets finally receives a call about his license, he learns that his application has been denied and that he must resubmit it for approval — a process that will take months to get done. It’s a setback that Beets reveals will make him and his family miss out on “millions and millions and millions of ******* of dollars.”

On its own, the unlucky twist of fate is undeniably heartbreaking, but Tony’s dejected attitude during his subsequent conversations with his family just makes the weight of the situation unavoidably clear. Even on a show like “Gold Rush,” which revolves entirely around the failures and victories of its central figures, Tony’s license issue is a particularly devastating kick in the teeth, and that’s why it’s the miner’s most heartbreaking moment in “Gold Rush” Season 12.

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