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The Most Underrated My Hero Academia Villain

As far as “My Hero Academia” villains go, most members of the League of Villains are considered fairly high-tier ne’er-do-wells. As one of the organization’s primary conspirators, Mr. Compress is often an integral part of their plans. His Quirk, which allows him to compress any object he touches into a small marble, is extremely adaptable and incredibly devastating depending on the situation. Fans on Reddit noticed this shortly after learning that he can squeeze individual body parts, leading them to dub him the series’ most underrated villain.

“Mr. Compress could simply choose to compress the torso, head, etc. … of his enemies, therefore, killing them instantly,” wrote the original poster u/muchomanga. “IMO, this places him already on par with Overhaul and Shigaraki in terms of having a touch of death quirk.” Another Redditor,  u/BAT_91, offers a slightly different perspective, calling him “underdeveloped.” They continue, “He was always there. But until [chapter] 294, we knew pretty much nothing about him. It’s kind of hard to care about him regardless of how strong he can be.”

Both comments about Mr. Compress make good points. It is true that, with a bit more creative ruthlessness, he could feasibly equal the head honchos of the League of Villains, who also have a touch of death powers. However, his underrated nature comes out in how late into the story he is developed and how he ranks among his cohorts.

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