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The One Part Of Black Widow Fans Can't Help But Laugh At

And the award for biggest pet peeve among Marvel fans for “Black Widow” goes to…the accents!

People online have continued to prop up the movie’s attempted Russian linguistics as the most laughable thing about it. “Anyone else find the Black Widow accents a hilarious mess?” wrote Redditor u/realLausac last year. “They couldn’t get any real Russians for a movie with almost all Russian characters??” u/Zoze13.

Since its release last July, “Black Widow” viewers have criticized a number of moments in the film where the Russian accents are abysmal. British actor Ray Winstone, who plays Russian villain General Dreykov, has taken the brunt of the bashing. “If you need somebody to do a half decent Russian accent, the last person you get is Ray f**king Winstone,” said Redditor u/aestus. “It’s like he just gave up halfway through,” another person added. 

While the criticism for “Black Widow” was about the inclusion of such bad accents from supporting cast members, Scarlett Johansson and Marvel have also been called out for Natasha Romanoff not having a Russian accent in prior MCU movies. However, this was actually something that was consistent and regularly seen in the comics.

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