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The Star Trek Alien You Are Based On Your Zodiac

Leo, the sign of the lion, can be described as a vibrant star, an entertainer with a theatrical flare. They are charismatic and have a way with words, often dazzling others with their wit and sagacity. Confident and overzealous, they have a big ego, and are always looking for recognition. But most of all, Leos thrive on ambition and wish to climb the ladder of success; growth drives them, expansion motivates them. The Ferengi are the alien race in “Star Trek” that screams Leo, obsessed with increasing their individual empires, growing their businesses and expanding their profits. They are driven by a will to succeed, and use their charm and confidence to sway others in their circle to help them climb that ladder. 

Who in all of “Star Trek” but the Ferengi could this describe? The Ferengi don’t just love acquiring, they love flaunting — whether it’s Gaila boasting of owning his own moon, Quark’s colorful outfits, Brunt’s regal gait, or the Nagus who takes being ostentatious to the extreme. Ferengis love to show off, always want to be the center of attention, and have the big personality to match their talk. Though they can’t always back it up physically, they’re masters of words, making them the perfect con-men. At times though, as with Quark, Pel, and Dr. Reyga, they’ve also shown themselves to be good-hearted and valuable friends. 

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