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The Steffy Scene On The Bold And The Beautiful That Went Too Far

In the current arc of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Brooke and Deacon Logan’s daughter, Hope (Annika Noelle), is married to Liam, who consistently shifts his attention and affections between her and Steffy. Liam has children with each woman, too. Kelly is the daughter he and Steffy share, while Beth is his daughter with Hope.

All is well and drama-free for some time as Liam and Steffy co-parent Kelly while pursuing relationships with Hope and Finn, respectively. But behind-the-scenes, Steffy’s brother, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), grows obsessed with Hope and obtains a mannequin that looks identical to her. When Liam sees Thomas with the dummy, he mistakes it for his wife and turns for support to Steffy. Eventually, Liam and Steffy end up sleeping together, something he tearfully apologizes to Hope for doing (via Twitter).

Though Liam is certainly guilty in this situation, Steffy does nothing to stop it. Her participation jeopardizes her situation with Finn and crushes Hope, especially when she learns that she’s pregnant. Luckily, baby Hayes turns out to be Finn’s child, not Liam’s. However, fans of “The Bold and the Beautiful” expressed frustration over the storyline, which took place toward the end of 2020.

On Twitter, @Magooe noted how “disappointed” they were in Steffy for relaunching the Steffy-Liam-Hope love triangle. They said, “The writers decided that Hope is a punching bag and Beth is not as important as Kelly. We the viewers remember all the rights and wrongs. Guess the writers don’t.” @StaciaStay was annoyed at how the writers “milked this triangle dry” and “continue to take viewers for granted by throwing scraps at them.” @JanetRoberts8 described the plotline as “disgusting” and said, “I was loving that Steffy was moving on with Finn.”

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