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The Surprising Way Playing Batman Impacted Robert Pattinson

It’s no secret that in modern Hollywood, there’s an expectation that if you sign on to play a superhero, you need to become that superhero. The likes of Kumail Nanjiani, Henry Cavill, and Brie Larson, among others, took the physicality of their respective roles very seriously, undergoing major bodily transformations as a result. Contrary to his previous comments, Robert Pattinson more than put in the work to become the Batman in every way possible. However, by the time his work under the cowl had concluded, his physical state had deteriorated something fierce.

“This was so all-encompassing,” Pattinson told Entertainment Weekly in February of 2022, explaining that maintaining his physique coupled with filming “The Batman” itself kept him busy from dusk till dawn. “You’re just constantly in that world…When I look at photos of myself from the makeup test on the last day, I don’t even look human by the end of it,” he added, likening his physical state to a piece of gum that got chewed up, spit out, and left on the street for years before being scraped up and stuffed into a Batman suit.

From the sound of it, Robert Pattinson went through the wringer to make his rendition of Batman the best he could possibly muster. If the numerous trailers, TV spots, teasers, and more are of any indication, his hard work wasn’t in vain.

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