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The Transformation Of Zoe Kravitz From Childhood To The Batman

The actor definitely started the year off right by starring as the lead in “Kimi,” auteur Steven Soderbergh’s new cyber-thriller for HBO Max. Yet that isn’t even her biggest role in 2022. Over a decade after being told she didn’t belong in “The Dark Knight Rises,” Zoë Kravitz will be playing the iconic Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, against Robert Pattinson’s “The Batman” when the film opens in March.

Originally cast in late 2019 (via Variety), the actor had to exercise several hours a day even during the production. She told Elle, “I got stronger than I’ve ever been. That felt good, to see what I was capable of.”

Kravitz is now stepping into an important role in the superhero world but has her eyes set on the future as well. She will direct, co-write, and produce “Pussy Island” for MGM after having worked on the script for years. Yet she also emphasized how she’s trying to take things as they come: “That’s the 20-year-old who’s like, ‘I can do it all. I can do it all. I can do it all.’ And now I’m in a place where whatever I’m feeling is okay, wherever I’m at is okay.”

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