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Things Activision Blizzard Needs To Get Right About Warzone 2

This point goes for just about any game franchise, though it’s specifically important for Activision Blizzard to consider with “Warzone 2,” since feedback for “Warzone” has often gone unheard and unimplemented. Obviously, companies that prioritize keeping their player base happy will be more successful in the short and long run. It’s a win-win, and “Warzone 2” could be a chance for the developers to fix some of their missteps with the original “Warzone.”

Though there have been some improvements to “Warzone” over time, like improved accessibility features, there’s still a lot left to be desired. For example, many players have spoken out about how the free-to-play game is really more pay-to-win.

Even popular streamers like Ninja and Dr. Disrespect have cultivated quite a love-hate relationship with the game even they can’t change. Given the influence streamers can have on large audiences of fellow gamers, it would be strategic for Activision Blizzard to try to listen to their feedback, as it likely represents similar complaints from their larger fanbases. Having a popular streamer on the side of “Warzone” could make a big impact on the game’s bottom line.

Of course, gamers can’t be expected to universally love everything about “Warzone.” Even if the team behind the next “Warzone” game ends up better incorporating fan feedback in the future, big names like NickMercs and CouRage leaving the original game is a pretty bad look. The former’s departure actually speaks for another one of the major areas Activision Blizzard has to focus on if “Warzone 2” is to succeed.

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