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This song is getting wiser as the life expectancy increases’, the message of Anupam before Valentine’s Day

Anupam Roy and Valentine’s Day have been complementary for many years. How? His first album in 2012, ‘I will not keep an eye on binoculars’ was released on February 14. ‘Second Man’ was released in 2013. The national award winning artist was also present during this special day in 2022. This year too, on Valentine’s Day, he is giving the audience a gift of ‘Putul Ami’. Courtesy of music company Saregama.

Anupam’s voice was last heard in Kamleshwar Mukherjee’s song ‘Anusandhan’, ‘I am a man far away’. Coincidentally, the song is mixed. Even in ‘Puppet I’, it is like a man’s regret in a hidden way. Isn’t separation leaving the artist? Anandabazar Online’s answer to this question is unique but not covered. He replied, “I sent two songs to the company at once. One of her ‘dolls is me’. The first line of which, ‘I am the doll in your hand’. They chose this song. This is also the song of relationship. How much does a man love his lover? I don’t understand anything. Sometimes the lover is pulling him closer. Paul never hesitates to move away. As a result, at one point he seems to understand that Priya’s hand is a doll. The song was brought to life by Riddhi Sen and Surangana Bandyopadhyay.

Is the artist far-sighted? He realized that his life might be different in the future. Or, in this song, he is the representative of the patriarchal society? Almost every man complains about this song. This time too effortlessly incomparable. He claims to have written the song 10 years ago. Where is the separation in his life at that time! Other than that, he doesn’t even write songs thinking so much. When that feeling awakens, he binds it in the form of a song.

Love song is about pain again. Do the listeners understand the artist’s argument? Anupam’s clear answer is, “I’m really fine. No regrets. I am happy to spend my day like myself. So it is really difficult if every one of my songs is cut with me personally. It’s just a song. ” The music company chose his song after understanding the day. For example, he is supposed to sing more than one song with ‘Saregama’. In time, the company will release more songs of different tastes. Besides, he also did not forget to inform that the ups and downs of life are incomparable and he still believes in love as before.