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Two Babies (And A Divorce?): Changes Are In Store For The Jersey Shore Fam

The Jersey Shore fam continues to be hit with all the life changes — and they just keep rolling with the punches fist pumps.

Tonight’s season premiere kicked off with the official official return of Snooki, whose family vacation FOMO was in full force last year. While Dren Nicole did throw crabcakes in Angelina’s hair make a handful of appearances, she missed the fam something awful.

Speaking of mom life: While JWOWW has been in full-on wedding-planning mode with Zack, Deena delivered her second precious meatball following 12 hours of labor.

“Cameron is just everything I imagined and more. He’s beautiful, and it was just amazing,” she gushed.

Angelina isn’t about that mom life (or even married life), as her relationship with Chris continues to be on the rocks — and it may be beyond any Sitch-level saving.

“The fights between my husband and I have been getting worse,” she admitted. “Chris just wants to sit stagnant. He doesn’t even want to really go to therapy. He’s not even trying to fix anything or mend anything.”

That Staten Island native said she’s been “really depressed” and went so far as to meet with her lawyer (alongside experienced divorcee JWOWW) to discuss a f*cking tongue twister marriage settlement agreement. She decided that if things haven’t improved by her second wedding anniversary, it might be over.

As for the guys, Ronnie’s plans to propose to Saffire were cut short after his Los Angeles arrest, leading to his decision to take a break from the series to address “mental health issues.”

And after two years away from the booth, “DJ Pauly D is back in business” with Nikki by his side for a cross-country tour. Despite a packed calendar, the prank war champion still makes time to troll his side piece Vinny, who’s chillin’ in L.A. (and seeking love from Alexa).

Just a few weeks after the birth of Deena’s babe, Mike and Lauren became first-time parents — and let’s be real, seeing the Sitch in papa bear mode is everything we all need right now.

“Officially being Big Daddy Sitch, officially being a dad — I’m loving every minute of it,” he said.

But sadly, Baby Romeo didn’t come home right after his birth: The newborn spiked a fever and was put into the NICU. And now, the Sorrentino’s are taking things “one day at a time.”

Which change came as the biggest surprise? Sound off in the comments, and see what’s next for the Jersey Shore fam Thursday at 8/7c.

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