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What Willem Dafoe Looks Like As The Joker

In this image by digital artist Elilusionista.cl (via the artist’s Instagram), it’s evident just how easily Willem Dafoe could slip into the role of the Joker. The picture shows a Joker-ified version of Dafoe, with all the classic aspects of the character: green hair, red lips, pale skin, a wild grin, and a fashion sense that skews toward the color purple. It’s clear that the Joker in the image is in the middle of something, since he has a spattering of blood — or perhaps red makeup — in the corner of his mouth, and a fresh cut on his forehead. Judging by the character’s fixed gaze and the snowy cityscape visible on the background, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of reason to assume that he’s locked in a rooftop showdown with the Dark Knight himself. 

All in all, this is a very impressive Joker. What makes the image even more astonishing is the fact that it’s surprisingly close to what Dafoe looks like in his everyday life, color pattern notwithstanding. As the last image of the artist’s post reveals, the image of Dafoe as the Joker is based on a photo of the actor laughing. While the colors and the background have been changed to fit the Joker theme, it’s clear that Dafoe’s features are the same in both photos, right down to the hairstyle and the configuration of the lines on his face. Even with the knowledge that Dafoe is uniquely suited to play the villain, it’s almost shocking to see just how casually he can contort his face into a Joker-worthy grin. 

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