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Why April From The Walking Dead Looks So Familiar

In 2016, Wynn Everett loaned her talents to “Agent Carter,” a series that follows the original Marvel comics and is based within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everett played the character Agnes Cully, a scientist who hides behind the persona of an actress with the stage name Whitney Frost. In the series, one of Frost’s scientific experiments goes awry, and through this, she gains the power to absorb others into her skin.

Everett’s character joins the series in the 2nd season as a recurring character until the show’s final episode in Season 2, Episode 10, “Hollywood Ending.” However, the power that Frost gains ultimately winds up becoming her biggest downfall, and in the final episode, she finds herself in an asylum.

Everett plays this character well and delivers a strong performance while taking viewers on the journey from a scientist in hiding to a broken soul who’d lost her way.

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