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Why Duncan From Masters Of The Universe: Revelations Sounds So Familiar

“Gentleman, may our journey be long, filled with agony and torment.” 

Liam Cunningham brought his charisma and comedic timing to the role of Solon in the 2010 remake of “Clash of the Titans.” In a film attempting to bring the classic Greek epic to a new generation, he starred alongside Sam Worthington, Mads Mikkelsen, Gemma Arterton, and Ralph Fiennes. Cunningham’s Solon was a dedicated and talented soldier in the Legion, led by Draco (Mikkelsen). He and his fellow soldiers Ixas (Hans Matheson) and Eusebios (Nicholas Hoult), accompany Draco and Perseus (Worthington) on their quest to kill Medusa and bring back her head to battle the Kraken.

While Solon didn’t make it to the end of the quest — due to tumbling into a lava river beneath Medussa’s lair — he spent the majority of the film delivering snarky remarks and bringing levity to a group of soldiers who’ve embarked on a journey they don’t expect to return from. One of the benefits of perishing in the first movie, though, is that he avoided having to appear in the sequel, 2012’s “Wrath of the Titans,” which fell completely flat with critics. The poor reception on that film — a 26% with critics on Rotten Tomatoes – effectively killed the franchise.

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