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bitLighter is a Focusable Flashlight-style Light for Photo and Video

The bitLighter Portable Focusable Light For Photo and Video Has Raised Over $80,000 On Kickstarter

bitLighter is a new continuous and focusable “flashlight”-like light source for photographers and videographers that has managed to reach over $90,000 (over 900%) of its initial $10,000 targetted goal on Kickstarter.

The product promises to deliver a focusable light most commonly used for accents and picturesque effects for photography and videography.

A Flashlight-style Light for Photographers

The shape of the bitLighter will be familiar to all — the light is made in the shape of a handheld flashlight to make it portable and easy to hold/manage while photographing in time-sensitive or cramped locations. The system is small and sturdy with no external wires or batteries that can provide an even and flicker-free high quality 93+ CRI light with no hotspot in the center like traditional “tactical” flashlights.

The team also says the bitLighter offers precise color temperatures ranging from 3,000K to 5,000K with a smooth brightness adjustment and adjustable beam focus from tight to wide.

The company says the main feature of this new light is its “brighter” high-quality CRI LED, stating most other lights have about 15% less brightness and much hotter/undiffused light. The bitLighter will provide a smooth and even beam of light without flicker at max outputs of 1700 lm (17Watt) in normal mode and 2700 lm (35Watt) in boost mode, with a battery that lasts up to 2 hours and weighing only 1.2 pounds in a durable metal body.

The bitLighter team also says that the light power will not vary or diminish over time and with the life of the battery, claiming it will run at 100% efficiency until the battery just completely runs out, all without overheating.

bitLighter vs. Ordinary Flashlights

Here is a breakdown of the advantages bitLighter has over non-specialized flashlights:

A Flexible Light for Various Looks

bitLighter says the new light is meant to be used for lighting accents, backlighting (rim lights), and special effect lighting, however, it does seem possible to use this light as a main source of light in several situations also.

It should be worth noting that the color temperature is not adjustable via a control on the light itself, but rather a set of interchangeable heads that are available in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K.

Here’s a video introducing the bitLighter:

The bitLighter “flashlight” for photo and video has raised well over $90,000 in the first few weeks of the Kickstarter campaign from about 280 backers with a few days left to go still.

If you’re interested in putting your name down for one of the first units, if the project successfully delivers on its goals, the bitLighter is available to back by pledging $299 for the Early Bird package (which saves 25% from the retail cost), up to $578 for a bundle kit of two lights (saving 28% from retail). The team expects delivery of the first batch of bitLighters to start shipping in early May of 2022.

Disclaimer: Make sure you do your own research into any crowdfunding project you’re considering backing. While we aim to only share legitimate and trustworthy campaigns, there’s always a real chance that you can lose your money when backing any crowdfunded project.

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