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Creative block: What to photograph when you’re out of ideas

Struggling with creative block is part of every photographer’s life. Sometimes, it makes us stop taking photos for so long that the idea of picking up a camera again becomes strange. We may even feel stuck with our current projects or unhappy with paid work. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

In the video above, Alex Kilbee of The Photographic Eye begins with an important reminder. Not all of the most iconic photographs in history were planned or even expected. Sometimes, inspiration and ideas are just around the corner, even in the most ordinary of things. So, he shares some easy tips for unlocking inspiration in everything that surround us. This way, we won’t fall into the trap of needing to travel somewhere amazing just to get beautiful and meaningful photos.

As Kilbee noted, even William Eggleston complained that Miami was boring and ugly. But eventually, he listened to an advice to photograph that “ugliness” instead. The rest is history; it launched his career and he became known for his captures of the commonplace.

Similarly, Kilbee encourages us to turn the mundane on its head to get past creative block. Tap into the idea that there possibilities for interesting subjects regardless of where we are. He suggests challenging ourselves to see everyday objects differently, shift our perspectives, and pay extra attention to how light falls around us.

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