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FalconEyes IRISA 1 RGB LED Stick Light review: Great color handy for effects

You can add some deep color if you use RGB LED lights in the studio. During this session I was testing the FalconEyes IRISA1 RGB LED Light Stick 1. This is a great follow-up to the LED Light Panels made by FalconEyes; the new shape adds versatility.

With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 96 the color is right on. This tube is 13 inches long with color surface 11 inches long.


Infinite color possibilitiesDifferent shape devicePhone APP for remote adjustmentMixes with other Falcon Eyes RGB LED lightsUse with video as well


Battery power could be longerHandle would make it easier to handholdColor shift toward red when below 25% brightness when using Kelvin scale

FalconEyes IRISA 1 — Technical specifications

FalconEyes IRISA 1 RGB LED light is a fun tool with which to work.
Model: Fi-1Output: 13WLEDs: 32pcs x 0.5W (White) / 32pcs x 0.5W (Yellow) / 30pcs x 1.5W (RGB)Battery Capacity: 7.4V/3200mAhBi-Color: 2500K-9999KRuntime: 7.4V/3200mAH 100% ≤120 MinCompatibility:Type-C USB: 5-15V 2AType-C USB charging port: 5-15V 2ACRI: 96LUX (2500K) 0.5M: 890/1M:225/2M:60LUX (5600K) 0.5M: 885/1M:217/2M:59340 x 60 x 60mmWeight: 560g

FalconEyes IRISA 1 — Ergonomics and build quality

irisa RGB LED lightSolid construction and a case to protect and store the Irisa 1 with it’s charging cord.

The light feels like it will take a beating. The plastic cover is strong and clear. Built-in magnets hold the tightly light in place on a steel surface but release with a pull on one end. The info settings screen is small but reads well against the turquoise background.

The unit can be mounted on either end with any stand using a 1/4-inch bolt. The hard sided case is strong enough to keep the plastic cover from being scratched during transport and storage.

FalconEyes IRISA 1 — In the field

Infinite colors are available with the RGB LED combination.

The light is easy to control with comfortable round control buttons. When the light is placed on the set it can easily be adjusted with the phone app — either iPhone or Android — which can be quite handy. I prefer to have the light mounted on a stand as it’s a little unwieldy to handhold as it is 2.5 inches in circumference.

For this photo I lay the light on the set hidden from the camera. A black background was used to show increase the depth of color. The wash of light falls off nicely.

Quality of light

The Irisa 1 is hidden behind a small platform to allow graded light to be behind the subject.

Color values read well. Lights match Kelvin scale from 2500–9999° K. You can dial in soft to intense down to about 25% before a color shift. At 13 watts, this light puts out enough to work at low ISO on a tripod. If you are photographing a person you might want to up the ISO a bit to increase your shutter speed.

Menu system

Irisa 1 can stand on its own or be mounted on any support with a 1/4 inch male receiver.

The menu system is clean, neat and obvious. The red button activates the light. Next button, signified by two circular arrows, changes menu options. The < > button cycles through the options in that menu. The up/down arrows raise or lower the selected option.

Controls and display

Menu is backlit for easy reading on a dark set. I use a piece of black gaffers tape to cover once set. Then I use the phone app for adjustments.

Battery lasts approximately two hours. Will vary dependent upon the brightness used. Buttons are strong, well marked and responsive. Activation shows a turquoise backlight that allows settings to be easily read. I keep a piece of black gaffers tape handy in case the light stick is in the scene to cover the glow of the settings.

Who would want this light in their kit?

Any photographer that likes to work with color would enjoy this light. The different shape gives you one more tool to shape light and add drama to your photos. Videographers will find this helpful as well. In addition to the straight lighting there are scenes including candle light, police lights and lightning flashes as well.

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob

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