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Snapchat Will Soon Let You Change Your Username

Snapchat has announced that users will be able to change their usernames without having to create an entirely new account. Snapchat previously did not allow this due to “security reasons.”

A Reversing of Course

The company says that changing a username only affects that one aspect of the account and that it won’t change friends lists, Snap codes, Snap scores, memories, or other account-tied information. The feature is expected to roll out to all iOS and Android users starting on February 23.

Snap says that the feature has been one of the most requested by users and was added to address how those who use the app have grown and changed over time and who may no longer feel a connection to the username they originally signed up on the app with. Tech Crunch notes that the feature has been rumored since last year when notable app reverse engineer developer Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted that it was coming.

At the time of publication, Snapchat’s support page still says that it is not possible to change a Snapchat username.

“It’s not possible to change your Snapchat username. This is for security reasons,” the company writes. “It’s also not possible to transfer account data, Memories, or Snapstreaks from one username to another.”

While the latter part of that statement is still true, the announcement is a reversal of course from its historical stance on the matter.

How to Change a Snapchat Username

To change a Snapchat username, first, click on the profile Bitmoji on the upper left-hand corner and then navigate to the profile section. Next select “Change Username” which will open up a text box that allows users to type in the desired name change. Once selected, tap “next” and the username will be changed.

Snap Inc.

Snap warns that users will only be able to change a username once every year and the name that is changed cannot be one that has been used in the past, even by an individual user. This effectively means that if a user changes their username, that name will be gone forever and no one can ever use it again.

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