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Why you should photograph engagement sessions

A lot of photographers I know cringe at the thought of doing an engagement session with their clients. They say it’s a pain, it’s not worth the ROI, and it’s just one more thing to add to their already too full to-do lists.

I hear their concerns … but I don’t agree. Here’s why.


Often on wedding day, photographers aren’t afforded the time they deserve in order to create beautiful and unique portraits of our clients. Were lucky to get an hour, and even luckier if its during golden hour of the afternoon. When you get clients that really care about photography and respect their photographer this does get easier, though the issue never goes away.

Engagement sessions allow me to slow down for a second. I’m not worried in the back of my mind about getting my clients to their introductions on time. Or, about their family and friends getting antsy and wondering what’s taking so long. It’s just me and them. I can really explore the location I’m at and dig a little deeper creatively.

Flexibility with engagement sessions

engagement couple

I know I can always shoot an engagement session exactly when I want to. And if its crummy weather? A simple reschedule is no big deal, unlike a wedding where you have to deal with what you get. After all, what photographer doesn’t like having a little more control over the lighting?

Getting comfortable

I already know from my initial meeting that my clients are a good fit for me, however, everyone still takes some getting to know. I don’t enjoy being treated like just another faceless person when I pay for expensive services, and I wouldn’t expect my clients to be happy with that either.

The e-session is a chance to talk and learn more about what makes this couple unique in a setting way less formal than online or in my studio. Conversely, they get a chance to see that I conduct my photo sessions in a relaxed and informal manner so their unease or trepidation that photo taking is going to oh-so-awful-because-they-hate-their-photo-being-taken is actually kinda fun.

Learning quirks

engagement couple

Most couples aren’t used to being the center of attention and having their photos taken. Many of my clients are quick to vocalize this and Im quick to empathize why do you think I’m behind the camera?

E-sessions give me the one on one time with clients to see where their insecurities are. Does she only like being photographed from the left? Is he an open eye kisser? Does his smile look better as a big belly laugh or a small chuckle? Do they hate kissing in public? Do they love kissing in public? What are their relationship roles and how can I convey that in posing? Does she hate her arms?

I always ask about these things in my studio consultations but invariably there is always a nugget of information I gather during the e-session that they didn’t think to tell me about.

Learning preferences during engagement sessions

engagement couple

During the reveal of the engagement session photos, I learn a ton about what my clients specific likes and dislikes are aesthetically. While we talk about this during their consultation, most people don’t know how to describe what they like, much less about art and visuals so I always learn something. Yes, clients hire me based on my style of work and no I don’t change my vision entirely for a client, but everyone has a direction in which they are drawn.

I believe as a wedding photographer, that I should be striving to make my clients as happy as they possibly can be with their wedding image. If that means doing a little more or a little less black and white, or a little more wide scenic shots vs. close ups, then I will tailor my delivery toward that while remaining faithful to my style.

Ultimately, if you feel connecting with your couples is an important aspect of your brand, get out and shoot some engagement photos! It may take some more time out of your schedule, but I believe its time well worth it.

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