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Android 15 could let you share Bluetooth audio with your friends


Android 15 will introduce audio sharing, letting friends listen using their own headphones.
Feature may only work with Auracast-supported wireless earbuds.
Google’s implementation will likely rely on Auracast for seamless audio sharing with compatible devices.

The best Samsung phones support Dual Audio, allowing you to connect and stream music to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously. This handy feature makes it easy for you and your friends to listen to the same music on your respective earphones. Google now appears to be working on introducing a similar Audio sharing feature with Android 15.


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9to5Google spotted a new “Audio Sharing” menu in the Connected devices section of the Settings app in Android 15 Developer Preview 2. The feature will “let others listen to your media along with you using their own compatible headphones” without the hassle of pairing the earbuds to your phone first. A Play a test sound option will help confirm that all connected Bluetooth devices are connected and in sync.

Connected devices in Android 15 DP2 Audio sharing in Android 15 DP2

Screenshots: 9to5Google

Currently, the Share audio feature does not work in the latest Android 15 developer preview build. This should change in a future beta release of the OS, as Google works behind the scenes to build Audio sharing. However, the feature will likely only work with wireless earbuds supporting Auracast.

Aurcacast could power Audio sharing in Android 15

Besides Samsung, Apple also offers a similar audio sharing feature on iPhones. Your friend must bring their AirPods or compatible Beats headphones near your iPhone, which should bring up a Share audio dialog box on the screen. Tapping on it will play the music you are listening to on their earbuds.

This feature is a part of Apple’s ecosystem, so it does not work with other non-Apple wireless earbuds. Google’s implementation could have similar restrictions, limiting you to sharing audio with selected earphones that support Bluetooth LE.

The company will presumably rely on Auracast, a part of Bluetooth LE Audio, for Audio sharing. The protocol lets compatible phones stream audio to nearby Bluetooth devices without pairing them first. However, both devices — the phone and the earbuds — should support the standard.

Most of our favorite wireless earbuds already support Auracast, so you should be able to enjoy audio sharing once Google rolls it out as a part of Android 15. Besides earphones, Audio sharing in Android 15 should work with other Auracast-enabled devices like speakers and hearing aids.

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