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Bookish Puzzles to Piece Together While Listening to an Audiobook


Remember in early 2020, when a ton of us loaded up on board games, puzzles, and Zoom-friendly digital game packs? Even those who hadn’t picked up a book for fun in decades loaded up on novels. We were ready to settle in for a few weeks of isolation (for those of us who could), and collectively seemed to decide that required 1) a pallet of toilet paper and 2) activities and hobbies we hadn’t done for years.

Two years later, many of those hobbies have fallen by the wayside, whether because circumstances have changed or you just got tired of them. After this long, most of us have had to cycle through multiple coping techniques. All that is to say: maybe you forgot about puzzles. Maybe you tried all the ones you bought in 2020 and haven’t refreshed your collection. Or, maybe you never hopped on the puzzle train to begin with.

Whatever your circumstances now, whether you’re able to see people more or whether you’re isolating as much as possible, puzzles can be a great distraction from the stresses of the world. For maximum effect, listen to an audiobook or literary podcast while you assemble these bookish puzzles. Not only do you get to enjoy your book love on two levels at once, but the combination of doing something with your hands while listening to another stimulus can keep your mind from racing.

These are mostly 1000 piece puzzles, but there are a few kid-friendly 48 or 100 piece puzzles at the end. We’ve got some general library and reading puzzles, and then a few book- or comic-specific options.

This one is titled Readers Paradise, and I have to agree with that sentiment. I love the rich colors and the detailed covers! It really does feel like being in a cozy, perfectly curated vintage bookstore. $18

If you prefer more bright, colorful illustrations — especially if you’re a plant parent! — you might want to pick up Dare to Dream, featuring a reader so absorbed in a book that the presence of a monkey and zebra seems immaterial. $20

a puzzle with an illustration of a colorful bookcase with two people selecting books. There are plants and a cat on the shelves and a dog sitting in front of the shelves.

You can’t go wrong with a big bookshelf of colorful book spines, especially if you add a dog, cat, and plants. $20

a puzzle with the painting The Girl Who Reads to Birds

This is a 500 piece puzzle, if you’re hoping for a quicker puzzle to get you started, and it’s also a beautiful painting: The Girl Who Reads to Birds. $20

a puzzle with the illustration of a tea set next to a set of books and an open copy of Shakespeare's Sonnets

In a similar style to the first puzzle listed, this one features an ornate tea set, leather books (including Shakespeare’s Sonnets), as well as flowers, mountains, a field — so many different textures to piece together! $20

a Nelly Bly puzzle that is a playable board game once completed

Nelly Bly was a journalist — one of the first “girl stunt reporters” — and she also wrote several books. This 300 piece puzzle becomes a playable board game about her life once completed! $19

a kit for making the iron throne from Game of Thrones

Admittedly, this is more of a kit than a puzzle, but I couldn’t help including it. Any Game of Thrones fans will love piecing together their own iron throne. $25

a puzzle showing a collage of Batman covers

Of course, I wasn’t going to leave the comics lovers out! This is a 1000 piece puzzle showing a collage of vintage Batman covers. $17 (And/or, you could get this slim Captain America puzzle! $15)

a puzzle showing a collage of Captain Marvel comic covers

In a similar format, this puzzle features a bunch of different Captain Marvel covers and illustrations. $15

It Chapter 2 500 Piece Puzzle

Personally, spending this much time with Pennywise’s face is pretty low on my to do list, but Stephen King fans can pick up this 500 piece It: Chapter Two puzzle. $14

Infinity Gauntlet 48 piece puzzle

Kid fans of the Avengers can put together this 48 piece Infinity Gauntlet puzzle, plus, they get their own infinity gem! $10

a 100 piece Dog Man puzzle

Dog Man readers will love this 100 piece Dog Man Unleashed puzzle. $10

puzzle mat

Finally, if you don’t have the space for a full-time puzzle table, a puzzle mat can help you easily put away a puzzle in progress and pick it back up where you left off. $22

Looking for more bookish puzzles? Try these 10 Puzzles Based on Kids’ Books and The Ultimate Guide To Book Puzzles To Do and To Give.

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