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EDWIN MUZAHURA: Any normal adult should never celebrate Solomon Kyagulanyi’s marijuana incident at school

Bobi Wine and his son Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi

A friend of mine or may I say former friend now just sent me a thread about the Suspension of Bobiwine’s son Solomon Kampala Sekayi Kyagulanyi from school for drug abuse allegedly.

To him it was good news! Shame.

It was ultimately disgusting to see a grown up and indeed a parent celebrating such an unfortunate thing.

I dont know if it’s true or not but what I know is that any normal adult whether parent or not should never celebrate such a thing no matter what differences we may have politically or otherwise.

In the African culture children are raised by an entire village or Nation. It’s our National desire to see a healthy and great generation after us.

How one celebrates such a challenge and goes about sharing it shows how sickly and lowly we have sunk as a society.

No matter what stands or appears to stand between us, we should be each other’s kids keeper because they are all our children.

And indeed if this is true, we stand with Bobiwine and Barbara and hope the young man will be helped quickly out of this deadly trap.

And for those blinded by our political differences to celebrate this, shame upon you and you are probably more sick than the boy!

So a mere teenage fall or challenges in Highschool should not be celebrated as failure or end. Its a phase and children can go through it well to normalcy.

Most of us were expelled or suspended from school for a number of reasons but it didnt stop folks from soldiering on.

So get a life and stop night dancing!

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