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Free doesn’t always mean bad

I always reserve healthy skepticism for free promotional devices offered by different phone carriers. I’ve found they often feature woeful displays, shoddy build quality, and anemic performance — all things you want to avoid in a new device. Surprisingly, though, that’s not the case with the T-Mobile Revvl Tab 5G.

Whether you’re getting the Revvl Tab for free when adding a new line to your T-Mobile service or paying the full $200 for an affordable slate, I think there is something here for everyone —- just don’t expect to be too excited after that sense of new wears off.

T-Mobile Revvl Tab 5G

The T-Mobile Revvl Tab 5G offers the flexibility of 5G coverage with decent performance for the price range. Its 10.36-inch LCD display looks good while watching content, and the MediaTek Dimensity 700 is surprisingly snappy. The Revvl is capable of over 10 hours of screen-on time, making it ideal as a binge-watching tablet.

ProsExcellent batteryGood displaySolid build quality ConsSlow chargingLack of expected updates

Price and availability

T-Mobile exclusive

The T-Mobile Revvl Tab 5G is available through T-Mobile (shocker) for $200. However, if you’re adding a new line to your service, you can receive the Revvl Tab for free as part of a carrier promotion. It’s not completely free, as you’ll still need to have active service through T-Mobile for 24 months. Each month, you’ll receive a bill credit for a portion of the tablet, so if you end your service early, the remaining balance will come due. It’s offered in one configuration: 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, with Dark Shadow being the only color option.

T-Mobile provides a rather spartan unboxing experience for the Revvl Tab. As expected for the price range, you’re greeted with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable and a SIM tray tool — there’s no charging brick included.


SoC Dimensity 700

Display type LCD

Display dimensions 10.36″

Display resolution 1200×2000


Storage 128GB

Battery 7,040mAh

Charging speed 15W

Ports USB-C

SIM support Yes

Operating System Android 13

Front Camera 8MP

Rear Camera 8MP

Cellular connectivity Yes

Wi-Fi connectivity Yes

Connectivity 5G, 4GLTE, Wi-Fi

Bluetooth 5.1

Dimensions 0.31×9.75×6.19

Weight 513g

Colors Dark Shadow

Price 200


It’s boxy but gets the job done

Back cover of the T-Mobile Revvl Tab 5G with Pusheen in background

If you’re the type to walk into an ice cream shop and demand a large cup of vanilla, the Revvl’s design will appeal to you. It’s a tablet straight out of central casting, with non-descript features, save for the faint T-Mobile logo on the back. Its sole bit of flair comes from a magenta power button — a color choice you’d expect from T-Mobile. The Revvl is blocky, with squared-off edges, and a bit hefty as well, weighing in at 513g, but I never felt bothered by the extra weight during use.

The Revvl Tab has thicker bezels than what you’d find on an iPad but still thinner than similarly priced tablets, like the Amazon Fire HD 10. I’ve never minded bezels on tablets, as they give my hand somewhere to hold the device without obstructing the display.

Along the outer frame, you’ll find the stereo speakers and the SIM card tray, which houses a MicroSD card slot, if you have a compatible microSD card, in addition to the nano SIM slot for 5G connectivity. The speakers aren’t the loudest I’ve ever tested, but they also don’t distort. If you need more volume, you can always pair your favorite Bluetooth headset for a better listening experience.

Overall, the metal enclosure feels solid, with tight tolerances, and while I’d never recommend giving your tablet a thumping, the Revvl Tab feels like it can take a lick or two without falling to pieces. It’s exactly the build quality you’d expect for the price range, and I’m glad to see T-Mobile did just enough to retain a sturdy feel while giving more focus to other areas.


Better than expected for the price

Home screen of the T-Mobile Revvl Tab 5G

I appreciate that we’ve seen better displays featured on budget tablets in the last few years. Nothing brings a user experience down faster than a poor panel, and I’m glad T-Mobile got the memo with the Revvl Tab. The spec sheet won’t knock your socks off; it’s a 10.36-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1200×2000. At first glance, it doesn’t even appear to be that color-accurate, with a cooler tone to the hues, but once you start watching content, any concerns melt away. I found myself totally immersed in streaming videos and movies without once finding myself distracted negatively by the display.

While it’s not the brightest display (you’ll struggle in sunlight), the Revvl’s panel is perfectly acceptable for indoor viewing. With any tablet in this price range, I’m first and foremost judging it on its ability to binge-watch content, and the Revvl Tab passes with flying colors — Suits marathons on Netflix are a delight. Gaming also looks good on the Revvl Tab, with the cars popping off the screen playing Asphalt 9.


Pretty stock Android experience

The Revvl Tab 5G runs Android 13 out of the box. T-Mobile’s flavor of Android is rather stock, with little aesthetic variation from the base Google Pixel experience. Unlike previous carrier devices we’ve seen, the Revvl Tab isn’t loaded with bloatware. You’ll find the T-Mobile app and T-Mobile Play pre-loaded, but it’s a far cry from the nightmare scenarios we used to get with carrier software. If you haven’t had a dose of ‘90s nostalgia lately, McAfee Anti-virus also comes on the Revvl Tab. Tablet-friendly UI elements, like the dock, are present, making multitasking easier.

I’m not overly concerned about software support for the Revvl Tab because I’m really not expecting any. The latest and greatest Android features are a secondary concern, as this tablet should be used primarily for watching content and light web browsing. I hope T-Mobile updates security patches on at least a quarterly basis, but I wouldn’t expect full-blown feature drops and monthly updates as you get on a Pixel device.


Punches above its weight

Despite the budget price tag, performance on the Revvl Tab is quite smooth. It’s powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 700, which won’t turn many heads, but it does a reasonable job with multitasking and social media apps. Even the great equalizer, Genshin Impact, runs admirably on the Revvl Tab. You’ll be limited to low graphics settings, but it’s absolutely playable.

I never experienced debilitating lag, but I could easily see how the chipset would be bogged down under heavy load. If you keep your expectations in check, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how snappy the Revvl Tab feels scrolling through Facebook or scrubbing through show lists on Peacock. Try to play Call of Duty Mobile on max settings, though, and your frame-limited experience will quickly remind you of the Tab’s budget price tag.

Battery life

Best part of the Revvl Tab

T-Mobile claims the Revvl Tab has a “long-lasting” battery, and while that’s as vague a metric as I’ve ever seen, the Revvl holds up well in testing. I consistently got over 10 hours of screen-on time, especially when using the tablet for mostly binge-watching. The Revvl’s 7,040mAh hour cell also holds up well on 5G, with streaming outside of the home only knocking an hour or two off that number. Standby drain is almost non-existent on it, so if you leave it unplugged one evening, you won’t return to a dead tablet the next day.

Unfortunately, the Revvl Tab is limited to 15W charging, so refilling the large battery takes some time. On average, it took me just over 3 hours to get a full charge, so the Revvl is definitely a tablet you’ll want to remember to plug in overnight if you’re a heavy user, as a quick top-off during the day isn’t possible.


Covered no matter where you are (almost)

Notification shade of the T-Mobile Revvl Tab

5G works well on the Revvl Tab. I connected to T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity without issue and found signal strength comparable to the T-Mobile service I’ve had on phones like the Samsung Galaxy A54 and Pixel 7a. Streaming worked well outdoors, and I was never held back by buffering video. If you’ve used T-Mobile before, I would expect similar coverage and performance. It’s always convenient to pull out your tablet on a bus or train and not worry about a Wi-Fi connection.


Exactly what you’d expect from a tablet

Camera sample from the T-Mobile Revvl Tab

As you’d expect, the Revvl Tab cameras are not very good. The main 8MP sensor is fine for document scanning, but don’t expect it to capture cute moments with your cat. T-Mobile includes a 2MP depth sensor for support with portrait mode, but images are soft in anything but ideal lighting. It’s still welcome to have portrait mode on such an inexpensive tablet —- something I would’ve liked to see on the more expensive Apple iPad.

The 8MP front sensor handles selfie duties. Images are easily washed out and harsh, but it will do the job for video calling — just don’t expect to be taking glamor shots with friends.


Quite a few options

It’s hard to discuss tablets in the Revvl’s price range without mentioning the Amazon Fire HD 10. This year’s refreshed Fire HD brings an upgraded display and performance with enhanced stylus support. When you pair that with the often fantastic discounts on the Fire HD, it’s hard to recommend anything else. I will say that the build quality on the Revvl Tab is superior and will stand up better to long-term wear, so unless you’re married to the Amazon ecosystem, the T-mobile device is still worth a look.


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It’s for ebooks, not spreadsheets

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 is a great choice if you’re willing to spend a bit more. It will give you a better 120Hz refresh rate alongside boosted performance for around $100 more than the Revvl Tab. The Lenovo also features pen support and desk-mode software, turning it into a laptop replacement when you attach an external keyboard. It’s a close call, but if you’re only using your tablet for watching shows or responding to emails, it’s worth it to save money and stick with the Revvl.

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Should you buy it?

Camera array of the T-Mobile Revvl Tab

If you’re picking a Revvl Tab up for free, it’s hard to pass up. Unlike other promotional throw-ins, it’s hardly e-waste, with a sharp display and decent performance. Even if you’re paying full price, the Revvl still offers quality features. I like the device’s build quality, and the flexibility of 5G connectivity gives you peace of mind if you’re constantly on the go. When you add in the fantastic battery life, you have the makings of a winner. It’s not a slam dunk, but sometimes you’re just craving vanilla.

Product render of the T-Mobile Revvl Tab

T-Mobile Revvl Tab 5G

The T-Mobile Revvl Tab 5G offers the flexibility of 5G coverage with decent performance for the price range. Its 10.36-inch LCD display looks good while watching content, and the MediaTek Dimensity 700 is surprisingly snappy. The Revvl is capable of over 10 hours of screen-on time, making it ideal as a binge-watching tablet.

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