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Gen Salim Saleh is now our biggest problem in the Arts Industry- Kato Lubwama

Kato Lubwama

Veteran singer and local actor Paul Kato Lubwama has said Operation Wealth Creation National Coordinator Gen Salim Saleh is now the biggest problem they have in the Creative and Performing Arts Industry.

Lubwama says Gen Saleh wants to destroy the industry in the guise of helping artistes.

The former Rubaga South legislator made the claim a few days ago through his YouTube channel ‘Kato Lubwama official’.

“Gen Saleh should stop fooling us that he is helping us yet he is causing confusion within us, why did he give Shs2bn to dealers who are not even artistes? How do you give Balaam and Ojede of National theatre money to share among artistes yet these crooks are not artists?” Lubwama wondered.

He added that the money was intended to be given to artistes to perform but up to date they have never received that money.

“Gen Saleh take away your money, you are destroying our industry which we have built for over 36 years, all these crooks you see now running to the arts industry are of Saleh’s effect, they want money nothing else. I don’t know why IGG is too silent on this issue, she should come in and investigate these crooks at National theatre.”

Lubwama further vowed that if Gen Saleh does not stop poking his crafty hand in the issues of artistes, they are going to wage a massive demonstration purposely to push Gen Saleh out of the art industry.

“If they want to kill us let them do, but we shall not allow someone from no where because he has access to taxpayers money to destroy our industry. At first, he gave money to the same crooks to give artistes, nobody still received that money, we kept quiet and he has done the same again. He should stop using our industry as his transactionsavenue, he must leave us.”

Lubwama said that if Gen Saleh was with genuine intentions of helping groups of artistes that have suffered during Covid-19, he would have given money directly to those groups but instead he wanted to cause confusion among artistes themselves.

“He just gave money to people who are not artistes but because they are supporters of NRM. The tenure of current leaders at the National Cultural Centre is over but because of Saleh, they have refused to give us new leaders. Saleh should stop thinking that Uganda is their family business.”

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