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Mystery as tiny African frog the size of a fingernail found 5,000 miles away in British sc


The tiny animal is thought to have hitched a ride on a bunch of bananas from its home in the Ivory Coast in West Africa. Its journey took it all the way to Merseyside, where it was found by teachers at Heswall Primary School as they were making healthy snacks for the children.

Staff at the school said they were stunned to find the “tiny green stowaway” in a box of fruit.

The frog was no bigger than the size of a fingernail.

They quickly scooped the amphibian up and placed it in a damp container, before phoning the RSPCA.

The school broke the big news on Twitter, saying: “There was a banana drama at Heswall Primary today! A tiny green stowaway from the Ivory Coast gave us a real shock when we opened the class bananas this morning!”

The miniature creature was lucky in where his adventure had taken him, as Heswell Primary School is one of 12 Eco-Ambassador Schools nationwide.

He was well looked after until animal inspector for the RSPCA Anthony Joynes arrived.

He said he believed the creature was “a very small species of frog.”

He praised the staff for treating the estranged frog safe, and said it had been transferred to a “specialist keeper”.

He said via Twitter: “Collected this little fella today from @HeswallPrimary school, having been found on a bunch of snack-time Bananas!

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Deputy head Nicky Bolton told Manchester Evening News: “No one expected to find a tiny green stowaway in the class bananas when they opened them yesterday morning!

“A tiny green frog was hiding inside the packaging, which had travelled all the way from the Ivory Coast in Africa.

“After resting quietly for the morning in a damp container, he was collected by RSPCA officer, Anthony Joynes, who has already found him a new home with a specialist keeper.

“The children are eagerly waiting to find out what species he is!”

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