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NFL fans are furious with Aaron Rodgers’ appearance on Pat McAfee Show


While on the Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday, future Hall-of-Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers said he’s yet to make a decision on his future. 

More than 130,000 people were tuning into the YouTube stream of The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday waiting for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to show up. The thought was that Rodgers had finally made a decision and he was going to break things live while on McAfee.

That didn’t happen, however, as Rodgers didn’t waste any time in letting the viewers know that he hasn’t made a call yet and that he didn’t have a massive announcement on the way. Since then, people have been ripping Rodgers for this.

Aaron Rodgers told the @PatMcAfeeShow that there will be “no decision on my future” today. He’s “just getting (his) head above the sand now.”

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) February 22, 2022

Aaron Rodgers is getting attacked left and right on Twitter

NFL fans are furious with Rodgers and it’s easy to understand why in this case. He posted his cryptic Instagram post on Monday night and then followed things up by joining McAfee soon after. Of course people were going to think he was ready to share what his plans for the future are with everyone. Instead, nothing has changed and the rumors are only going to keep going on.

The drama queen knows exactly what he’s doing… no no no just a random post that could be interpreted 100 different ways and then follows up with “what do you mean!?

— JoShUa (@2ndcityentity) February 22, 2022


Aaron Rodgers is so full of crap… I can’t listen to this dude talk on @PatMcAfeeShow. Brian Gutekunst & #Packers PLEASE end this ASAP! This dude is so annoying. Rodgers didn’t have to post that for millions to see, if it were genuine why not send that in private to those people?

— 𝐂𝐎𝐑𝐍𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐔𝐒’ 🌎 (@iCORNELIUST) February 22, 2022

As a Steeler fan who’s seen a lot of drama in recent memory…every thing that Aaron Rodgers does off the field makes me not want him lol

— Nick (@Nickstoner_95) February 22, 2022

Aaron Rodgers is just trolling and playing with everyone and you know what I’m hollering

— Dominic Woods (@domiwoods11) February 22, 2022

Rodgers has been accused of being dramatic, a troll and so much more. In late December, Rodgers even told reporters that he wasn’t going to ‘drag out’ a decision and that he’d get things done early in the offseason. Instead, this has become a soap opera of sorts and no one can stop watching.

For now, Rodgers remains a Green Bay Packer. That could change sometime soon, but the longer Rodgers waits to shut everything down and come out with his plans, the more people are going to blast him on social media.



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