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Op-Ed: Iran Making Headway For Plans to Hoodwink the Western World


With the myriad of distractions to deal with, the free, democratic world seems to be too busy to cast its eye on the goals of Iran. File photo: Vanchai Tan, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – What a perfect time for Iran to begin ratcheting up its plans for the destruction of Israel. The world is upside down with the Corona-19 variants, the controversial Olympics are being held in China, Russia is snarling at Ukraine, the NATO alliance is nothing short of being in pieces, Canada’s totalitarian Prime Minister Trudeau has fractured his nation and the United States is finding it impossible to contain not only unparalleled inflation but the influx of illegals pouring over our border. Planet-wide confusion and distractions reign: A window of opportunity for the Iranians to take the next step to obliterate Israel. The world now seems to be bordering on gambling to appease the Mullahs by caving in to their latest demands, hoping against hope that they would accept concessions and just stay quiet. “Anything for peace.” Apparently, the world and most importantly, Joe Biden, do not have the street smarts of a common NYC resident. You can bet your bottom dollar that they will be scammed big time by Iran.

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Harried, harassed and with many causes for concern, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, made it clear this weekend, correctly analyzing the situation by stating that Iran and world leaders may soon agree to tinker with the 2015 Obama conjured up “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” (JCPOA), by agreeing to a new deal that is “shorter and weaker” than the original which was hugely controversial, and would be “likely to create a more violent and less stable Middle East.” He’s right on the money. In Vienna last week, negotiations were going on with Iranian and Western leaders that are sure to result in a victory for Iran that would not only breathe new life into the original JCPOA, but would hand over to them significant sanctions relief in exchange for temporary, unenforceable restrictions on its original nuclear program which Israeli leaders and their supporters said were insufficient from the very beginning.

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Bennett told the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, meeting in Jerusalem, that during the ongoing negotiations in Vienna, the Iranian delegates demanded that the U.S. remove Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from our designated list of foreign terrorist organizations. Back in 2019 President Trump not only dumped the JCPOA but labeled the Revolutionary Guard a group that “participates in finances and promotes terrorism as a toll of statecraft.” Bennett attacked another Iranian demand that the International Atomic Energy Agency close its already slow as molasses, investigations into the possible military aspects of Iran’s nuclear program. It’s already common knowledge that Iran has, since the original deal was signed in 2015, continued on with ever more modern centrifuges to refine uranium into nuclear use form. They’d been getting away with flaunting their promises until Trump put a stop to their transgressions.

But now there’s nothing in the way to stop the West and primarily the U.S. from caving to Iran’s demands to further water down the 2015 agreement. We have presently returned to being dependent on foreign energy sources that amazingly include oil from…… Iran. They, Russia, Mexico and Arabia, all distant and most hostile, call the shots now on our gasoline supply. We’ve put ourselves in the corner with Iran, leaving the Israelis hung out to dry with the certainty that Biden and his handlers will surely give the Iranians what they want so dearly: Dollars for their oil products and nuclear weaponry. We hope we’re wrong and off base but we are facing the dire reality of a rebirth of Iranian threats to Israel’s and the future. Again, with the myriad of distractions to deal with, the free, democratic world seems to be too busy to cast its eye on goals of the Iranian Mullahs. Watch out!

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