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OWEYEGHA AFUNADUULA: Uganda: Opposition Leaders have let down the Country!

If Ugandan Opposition leaders know their stumbling block to power, why don’t they cooperate to deal with the stumbling block instead of concentrating on pulling each orher down? Why don’t they want to add value to their leadership credentials? Why don’t they want to enhance their relevance to the people of Uganda? By concentrating on pulling each other down aren’t they helping President Tibuhaburwa Museveni to achieve his declared goal five years ago to have no opposition by 2020? Even if he did not achieve it then, he can still be helped to achieve it by the stance of the Opposition leaders not knowing what they want.

I have not expressed my views on Uganda’s Opposition leaders, but so far so bad. They have proved a big disappointment to Ugandans. When they should be joining Ugandans to combat injustice, human rights violation, oppression, repression and suppression as well as the numerous denials and obnoxious laws, they seem to be targeting each other as the enemy.

We have wanted change for a long time but we have lacked in our Opposition people who can offer themselves to be change leaders. They seem to be just after accessing the previleges and benefits enjoyed by our current rulers. They want money, they want big cars and they want big mansions, not a big future for Ugandans. We have been disappointed by those who said they liberated us. We are now disappointed by those who say they want to liberate us from the liberators. The first thing opposition leaders should do is to agree on the obstacle to change and then have a united purpose of removing it without necessarily puting themselves as the only leaders who can follow after change. Other leaders may arise if we don’t block them.

No. Opposition leaders must collectively develop a new mindset: not greedy for power, not selfish, but pro-Uganda and pro-Ugandans. We have been turned into slaves. And our children and grandchildren are being sold into slavery and their organs are being removed, but our Opposition leaders have not even come up with a joint position on the matter. Those in Parliament are just following the legal agenda of others, which is to repress, oppress, suppress, dominate and exploit Ugandans in perpetuity.

I appeal to our Opposition leaders to resolve together to be relevant to Ugandans as we advance towards the middle of the 21st Century. Later will be too late.

For God and My Country

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