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Santino Marella Focused On Finding His Voice In New Commentary Role, Hopes To Enhance Storytelling Aspect – Wrestlezone


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Former WWE star Santino Marella has transitioned into a new phase of his career; he has traded his boots for a headset in his shift to the commentary table. Marella will be on the call for Prime Time Wrestling’s show in Poland on February 19; names like Nick Aldis, Chris Masters, and Matt Sydal will compete at the event.

In an interview with Steven Muehlhausen of DAZN News, Marella discussed his role at the broadcast table and recalled how he’s been honing his skills for the past few years. He looked back on how it was initially somewhat difficult to find his voice as himself, but he’s finding his stride. Marella also expressed his hope that, eventually, he’ll get an opportunity to commentate with a bigger company.

“I’ve been doing commentary for the last few years prior to the pandemic. I was doing some commentary with Destiny Wrestling. I was doing some commentary for the World Judo Tour, and I was working on Sportsnet up in Canada here. It took me a while because when I started with Sportsnet immediately after my WWE career, I realized I hadn’t really been on TV other than Santino. It took me some time to find my speaking style, my regular voice, the way I’m going to speak.

“Like anything, you need reps and practice. So I’m comfortable with it now because it was always such an easy thing, just to flick the switch and become Santino. I could do that in an instant. I’m starting to do more and more commentary. Eventually, I’ll work through one of the larger companies, WWE, AEW, Impact, as a commentator. I’m just going to pay my dues and get better and better and work on some stuff.”

As for his specific goals as a commentator, Marella made it clear that he wants to augment the storytelling that’s being featured in the ring. He noted that, in his work with Prime Time Wrestling specifically, he pointed out that he wrestled on the first show, but now Marella is focused on doing his job as a broadcaster.

“I want to be that kind of commentator that really captures, assists, and enhances the storytelling aspect of what’s taking place in the ring,” said Marella. “I met the guys, Marcin and Arik, a few years ago. It was just a podcast at the time. They talked about doing a promotion. Years later, they got their ducks in a row, and they said, ‘Hey, we’re actually moving forward. Would you be interested?’ So I wrestled on the first show, and it was good. I like wrestling from time to time.

“I don’t wrestle so much anymore. But since I’m leaning towards commentary, I offered to come and do commentary for all their major shows coming up. I want to be the English voice. If I can draw some eyes to the product, then I’m doing my job. If I can add to the product, I’m doing my job. It’s an incredible production.”


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The former WWE Intercontinental Champion went on to recall his first experience with Prime Time Wrestling and made it clear that, from the start, he was impressed by the promotion’s professionalism. Moving forward, he stated that it’s a “special” company, so fans should keep an eye on it.

“I went there not knowing what to expect,” said Marella. “I’m going to get away go to Europe. They seemed like nice guys, and (I) get out of the house for a weekend. Then I get there, and I’m absolutely blown away by the professionalism, the production, the vision, what they have in their town with regards to a roster. A hungry group of young kids. The formula they have is bringing in guys to help highlight, accentuate and bring their roster up to speed. When you watch a show, you get that feeling like, ‘Man, something special just happened here. Something special just started here’.

“I want to contribute and be a part of that. Something special just started. Keep your eyes open, keep your eyes on it, and you’re going to see some big things coming out of PTW.”

The full interview is available here:

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