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Some Myths About App Store Optimization


As a billion people have mobile phones now, apps are becoming more common for every mobile user. Thousands of users are searching the app store to find better apps for their mobiles. It is essential to do the app store optimization because you are in fierce competition with other developers. When we invest in app store optimization, it is crucial to put the effort in the right direction. Many myths are surrounding this domain because everyone likes to think they are right about it. If you want to go in the right direction, we have to bust these myths. We have arranged a list of the top five myths in the app store optimization industry.

Changing the title is necessary

Many of us think that we should change the title to follow the trending keywords. If a keyword is trending, the developers change the app title to get more app sales. It is a myth that changing the title will increase your app sales or ranking. When you change the title often, it will lose its ranking. According to experts, most apps rank due to your familiar title. People like to search the apps by name. If you want to download the app to write notes, you will search for Evernote on the app store. If the app developer changes the title, it will become difficult for you to find the exact app. You must choose the title wisely and stick with it for the rest of your life because the app store will give you 25 characters to write a title. It is not suitable to let it go to waste by stuffing keywords. It is also better to use a creative title. If you write a common title without creativity, it will be hard to remember. People will not suggest it to others. You will lose the word of mouth marketing.

No need to focus on keywords

Everybody knows that search engine optimization is different than app store optimization. It is crucial to focus on the keyword in the case of search engine optimization. Some people say that there is no need to focus on the keywords in ASO mobile. It is a myth as keyword optimization is essential to get higher rankings on the app store. If you can add the main keyword in the title, you can get a better ranking for this keyword. According to market research, the keywords are responsible for improving their app ranking. There are 10% more chances of ranking your app in the App Store when you use the right keywords. 10% may seem a small difference in ASO mobile. When the competition is fierce and everyone is trying to find even a 1% market edge, the right keywords can help you win from the competition.

Rating is everything in ASO

Rating is an essential parameter for app ranking in the case of the app store. No market studies are proving that the ranking is dependent on the ratings only. According to market data, you can rank on the first page of the App Store for a specific keyword even when you do not have 4+ star ratings. On the top ten positions, you will mostly see apps with four-plus star ratings. You may mostly see an app with 4.3-star ratings ranking higher than an app with 4.5-star ratings. If the theory about rating is correct, we should not see this kind of rankings on the app store. Rating is an indicator that your app is doing well. You have to do many other things to rank your app higher than your competitors.

Adding the app to the app store is enough

Some people believe that you have to add the app to the app store. Everyone will start downloading it rapidly after that. It is not true because we see hundreds of apps not getting downloads in the app store. There are some apps getting millions of downloads in a few days. Once you add your app to the app store, your struggle will begin. You need to check for the best keywords using ASO tools to get more traffic, more about best aso tools in 2021 here. It is also essential to find the right audience for your app sales by paid advertisement. You can start by investing some money in social media. If your app grabs the attention of the audience, you will start getting downloads. It is also essential to know that doing black hat optimization can ban your app. Their logarithm is highly intelligent in finding the apps using the wrong techniques to get higher rankings.

Working on the description is useless

We have established that title is the most crucial part of your app. It is a myth that the title is everything without the need of working on the description. If you are not working on the app description, you will miss a chance of adding valuable keywords to your app page. According to market data, many people like to read the detailed description before clicking the download button. When you have explained how your app work and its benefits in the app description, you have a higher chance of getting downloads. It is not suitable to lie in the app description because the users may report that you are not true about your application. It may result in the suspension of your app from the app store. There are many reports of reputed organizations about the app description. They claim that app description can help you rank better for keywords when you include them in your description. Adding the keyword in the description has more impact in the case of the Play Store and less in the case of the App Store. As app description is crucial, you should never ignore it.


By looking at all the myths of app store optimization, we can conclude that we should consult an expert before trusting something about ASO mobile. It is only possible to get higher rankings and more downloads when you put your efforts in the right direction.

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