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Texas' GOP attorney general tells Steve Bannon podcast 'we're done if anybody can vote' after court ruling

A Texas court ruling has prompted the state’s Republican attorney general to admit that the party is “done in Texas” electorally if anyone can now vote.

The comments come from Ken Paxton, who is currently embroiled in a number of controversies relating to his office’s investigation into possible voter fraud.

Mr Paxton’s comments come after a Court of Appeals decision which will effectively strip him of the authority to prosecute “voter fraud”, with that now exclusively the job of local DAs.

Since there is no appeal process, all he can do now is ask for a rehearing. Speaking on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, the AG confessed that the judicial decision could have a big impact on the outcome of Texan elections in years to come.

“We’re done in Texas if anybody can vote,” Mr Paxton bemoaned. “By this November, if we [the GOP} don’t get this changed, I think it’s very likely we could lose five members of the Texas Supreme Court, we could lose my position, we could lose Governor.”

Donald Trump’s former’s chief strategist then asked Mr Paxon how the ruling happened, to which he replied: “It came as a surprise to me, to my staff, we just thought this was a joke…and the timing is clearly planned.”

The Court of Appeals ruling is notable for the fact that it was made by an all-Republican court, which would seem to invalidate the 62-year-old’s inference that it was a politically motivated decision.

Mr Paxton’s unrelenting search for evidence of voter fraud is well documented. The Houston Chronicle claims that he has spent $2.2m since the 2020 Presidential election looking for evidence of foul play.

While no such evidence has been unearthed, accusations of wrong-doing on the part of Mr Paxton have surfaced. As MSNBC writes: “If there were a competition for the most scandal-plagued elected official in the United States, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton would likely be leading the pack.”

Mr Paxton has been a vocal proponent of the widely debunked narrative that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. However, after uncovering very little in the way of voter fraud so far, the Houston native might finally be starting to feel power slipping away from his grasp.

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