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US warned another terror attack ‘likely’ after Kabul airport bombing

Afghanistan updates

Top American security officials have warned Joe Biden that another terror attack in Kabul is likely, a day after a suicide bombing at the capital’s international airport claimed scores of lives ahead of Tuesday’s deadline for withdrawing forces from Afghanistan.

The White House said on Friday that the US president was told at a briefing in the morning that “another terror attack in Kabul is likely”, and John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, said there were still “specific, credible threats” to the airport.

After Biden’s meeting with national security aides in the White House’s situation room, he told reporters that he stood by his decision to continue the evacuation up until Tuesday’s withdrawal deadline. 

“The mission there that they perform is dangerous, and now has come with a significant loss of American personnel, but it’s a worthy mission,” Biden said in the Oval Office. “We will complete the mission.”

Late on Friday the US embassy in Kabul reiterated calls for US citizens to avoid travelling to the Afghan capital’s airport and leave any of its entrances “immediately”.

The new warnings came as thousands of people were still on the airport’s grounds awaiting evacuation and the death toll from Thursday’s attack continued to rise. More than 100 Afghan civilians and at least 13 members of the US military service were killed. Two British nationals and the child of a UK citizen were also among those who died, Dominic Raab, foreign secretary, said on Friday.

US officials now believe that the attack was carried out by only one suicide bomber detonating close to the Abbey gate entrance to the airport. Officials had initially said that there was a second explosion at the nearby Baron hotel, where evacuees have congregated.

“We’re not sure how that report was provided incorrectly, but we do know it’s not any surprise that the confusion of very dynamic events like this can cause information sometimes to be misreported or garbled,” Major General William Taylor, the US military leadership’s deputy director for regional operations, said on Friday.

US officials said they still intended to complete their withdrawal efforts by August 31, and said that 5,400 people were still awaiting evacuation at the Kabul airport.

The Pentagon also said late on Friday the Kabul airport remained under US military control, denying reports that the Taliban were now operating some airport gates. “The Taliban are not in control of any part of Hamid Karzai International Airport,” Kirby said.

The White House said on Friday that roughly 12,500 people had been evacuated from the Afghan capital in the past 24 hours by US forces and coalition partners despite the bombing, which has disrupted western efforts to wind up the evacuation process as the Taliban has tightened access to the airport.

Since the end of July approximately 114,800 people had been evacuated, the US said.

Ned Price, the state department spokesperson, said that US and allied forces were assessing the airport with the view to returning it to commercial operations “as quickly as possible” once western forces left next week.

The US was weighing whether it could have diplomats operate in Afghanistan “safely and securely” after its military withdrawal, and was discussing with allies the prospect of maintaining a diplomatic presence, he added. “We are co-ordinating with our international partners to share ideas [and] to ensure that we are sending the appropriate signals and messages to the Taliban,” Price said.

The UK government said on Friday it had entered the “final stages” of its evacuation programme, and had closed processing facilities inside the Baron hotel. Other Nato allies, including Germany and Canada, have already wound down evacuation flights.

Isis-K, an Afghan affiliate of terrorist group Isis, claimed responsibility for the attack, and Kirby said “thousands” of Isis-K prisoners were believed to have been released from two prisons recently taken over by Taliban fighters.

The human toll of the war in Afghanistan, Estimated number of people killed

On Thursday, General Kenneth McKenzie, head of the Pentagon’s central command, said that he expected Isis to strike again. “We believe it is their desire to continue those attacks . . . and we’re doing everything we can to be prepared.”

Biden vowed to “hunt down” and punish the perpetrators of the attack. Thursday was the deadliest day for the American military in Afghanistan in a decade and marked the first time US troops were killed in action there since February 2020.

Turkey’s defence ministry tweeted on Friday evening that it had
completed its own evacuation of Turkish soldiers. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said only a small number of “technical personnel” now remained behind at the airport.

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