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Uttar Pradesh BJP is in trouble with cows

It was a chilly evening in November last year. Ram Raj, a resident of Uttar Pradesh, was drinking tea at home. Suddenly a cow attacked him. After that for a few minutes Ram Raj was injured by the blow of the horn of the cow and the wound of his leg. Ram Raj’s younger grandchildren saw that horrible scene. The 55-year-old farmer was seriously injured in the attack. He later died on the way to hospital.

Cows were a great way for us to make ends meet, when we had no cash at the time of family hardship. ‘
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) -led government has cracked down on cattle slaughter. The BJP is known as a far-right and Hindutva party. Due to the party’s Hindu political ideology, the Modi government has banned cow slaughter in a total of 18 states, including Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He himself is a radical leader. After coming to power in Uttar Pradesh in 2016, Adityanath declared it illegal and closed several slaughterhouses. However, the sale of beef and beef is one of the largest business sectors in Uttar Pradesh. Besides, Uttar Pradesh is also a major exporter of buffalo meat.

Most of the cattle traders are Muslims or Dalits. These people are often attacked by the BJP or local hardline Hindutva groups for protecting cows. Even the killing of cattle due to cattle trade or slaughter of cows is always heard. So many of them quit this business for fear of being attacked or killed while trading cattle or transporting cattle. As a result, many farmers do not find people to sell older cows in their homes. As a result, they have no choice but to give up the cows that are useless.

Shiv Pujan said, ‘Now there is no one to buy cows. So many farmers like me have no choice but to leave the cows in the surrounding forests. ‘
These barren cows roam the towns and villages. Farmers and locals say these cows become aggressive because they are hungry. Just such a cow had entered the courtyard of the kingdom of Ram. When Ram Raj and his family started shouting after seeing the cow, the cow attacked Ram Raj.

Recently Shiva Pujan himself was attacked by a mad cow while chasing a group of barren cows that had entered his food. Pujan said, ‘Two gurus tried to throw me to the ground with horns. Then I ran away from there to save my life. ‘While fleeing, Pujan got stuck in the barbed wire fence and got injured. Pujan is still walking around with bandages on those wounds.

Shiva Pujan himself is a devotee of Hinduism. He also believes that cows are sacred. But he also says he is angry at the government’s unilateral order to protect all cows.

Other farmers, like Pujan, say the barren cows are destroying crops, causing road accidents and killing people.

Poonam Dubey’s husband lost his life in such a homeless bull attack. Poonam Dubey said, ‘Today my son is an orphan because of the homeless cows roaming around. Who will take care of us now? ‘

Ram Kali is a resident of a village 100 km away from the village of Poonam Dubey. The 60-year-old woman has been in a coma since 2019 after being attacked by a mad cow. Her family says the old woman is still unaware that her only son died of corona early last year.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. The majority of the voters in the state are farmers. The vote of the peasants is the most important factor in determining the victory or defeat in the election.