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Why Your Health Is the Most Important Thing This COVID-19 Era

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The impact of the pandemic on business has sent entrepreneurs into turmoil. Sales for most companies fell significantly, and cash flow problems accelerated.

The economic shock from the pandemic resulted in about 43% of small businesses closing. Reductions in demand and employee health concerns due to the pandemic are factors that led to the closure.

Yet, for employees, the unique challenges presented in this pandemic era should not harm their health. Remember that you are your business. Your health, wellbeing, and mental state are essential to lifting your company above the challenges.

A Bit Of Background 

I am passionate about empowering and coaching entrepreneurs to be healthy and successful leaders in business and life. Creating healthy, successful, and wealthy lifestyles is what I’m most passionate about.

I am a former pro-athlete turned social entrepreneur. In the last 25 years. My road to success was challenging as I hit rock bottom after a $15 million bankruptcy. But that didn’t hold me down as I managed to work through the frustration and care about building the empire I have today.

Along the way, I realized that the bankruptcy that almost destroyed me was a gift in disguise. So now I am sharing my experience to inspire other entrepreneurs and business owners that they don’t have to be stuck there even if they’re going through a hard time.

I know that entrepreneurship is a journey wrought with failures and challenges. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are not aware of these challenges at the onset. As a result, they have to deal with depression, anxiety, financial pressure, and so much more. I am incredibly passionate about helping business owners and professionals who struggle to maintain their health & productivity to take back control of their health and mental state while still keeping up with their demanding lifestyles.

Maintaining Your Health In This Pandemic Era.

Maintaining your health during this pandemic era is integral if you want to cushion your business from the economic pressures. This starts with simple things such as eating healthier and taking time to exercise. Health is important for everyone as taking care of yourself gives you a longer, quality life. And let’s be honest, everything in business and life is much more fun when we are healthy.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are the worst at maintaining their health, with 72% struggling with mental issues.

What most entrepreneurs need to realize is that the first step to a healthier “me” is to come up with a master plan that will help them navigate the present challenges they are facing and come out victorious. Your health begins with your mindset. A good way to start is not just to know where you’re going, but to be clear about where you are today. That way you know exactly in what areas of life you need to improve to become the person required to achieve your goals.

Maintaining your health is your responsibility. Activities such as good nutrition and a solid fitness program will positively influence your personal life and business health. However, health and fitness are just one of the areas where you must get healthy if you want to have long-term success. To create healthy relationships with clients, family, and friends, to have a healthy mindset, or to create a healthy work environment is as important as your body. It will be hard for you to figure out solutions to your present challenges if you’re stressed in any life area since they are all interconnected.

Your brain won’t do much brainstorming if your diet is lacking or if you’re dehydrated. Without giving your body what it needs to perform on the top-level that you need it to perform, you should take the first steps of discovering which diet suits you and incorporate activities that will lead to a happy, healthy, and successful you.

You can’t help your business by going for sleepless nights, partying around, or letting yourself go. You must realize that business growth, starts with personal growth. In other words, it starts with you, and getting fitter is the first step. If you can build a healthy lifestyle, your business stands a chance of thriving.

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