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Premier League plans U.S. preseason tournament in 2023

The Premier League is planning to organize a new preseason tournament in the United States next summer. The Athletic is reporting that England’s top flight will finally be able to arrange a competition Stateside after years of planning.

Premier League officials have supposedly been wanting to bring meaningful matches to certain U.S. markets for years now. The COVID-19 pandemic previously threw a wrench into these plans. While organizers have initially expressed interest in playing regular season games across the pond, it appears as if a preseason tournament will have to suffice.

Although not fully fleshed out just yet, the previous aforementioned report suggests that the tournament could feature six Premier League clubs. This format would consist of three teams in two separate groups. Clubs would then face other teams inside their group in a round-robin format.

This tournament would take place in multiple cities throughout the country. Ticket sales for these potential games would certainly not be an issue and a majority of the matches would most likely sell out.

Premier League preseason tournament

There would also be huge interest in sponsorships and broadcasting rights as well. Estimates over potential profits for the league are still unclear. However, expect a large revenue to come for the Premier League.

Timing of the tournament could also be perfect. Currently, there is no major international tournament during the summer of 2023. FIFA scheduled the 2022 World Cup for the winter. Also, UEFA and CONMEBOL are now on the same schedule for the Euros and Copa America. Those tournaments occur in 2024. Therefore, organizers hope that these games would feature the best players on each club.

As of now, 14 of the 20 Premier League clubs reportedly expressed interest in the tournament. It is currently unclear which teams have inquired. Yet, organizers certainly hope ‘Big Six’ teams play. Those traditional teams are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham.

There is, however, apparent optimism in getting at least one of these major clubs involved in the tournament. If fully organized, the preseason competition would most likely occur in late July.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Zuma Wire