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A Selection Of The Very Best Smartphone Games For Sports Fans


Last Updated on 26 Jan 2022 8:04 pm (UK Time)

In terms of an overall gaming genre, sports games are certainly up there with the very best of them. For fans of sport, the opportunity to fight with their favourite UFC stars or score goals with their Premier League heroes appeals greatly. It also enables fans to delve deeper into a sport they love and live the life of the professional athletes they support.

With many games now playable on a smartphone, sports fans have easy access to a whole range of titles. There are titles available on iOS and Android for fans of football, cricket, tennis, boxing and a whole lot more. Away from the offerings on both Google Play and the App Store, fans of sport can tuck into sports-themed slot games for real money also. The options are certainly comprehensive, but it’s the downloadable products we’re specifically focussing on. These types of games have never been so good either. Below is a look at some of them.

FIFA Mobile

The undisputed king of football games, FIFA is now available to play on mobile and represents an excellent product for fans of the beautiful game. With Konami having to apologise for how bad the new eFootball 2022 game is, all the attention has been placed firmly back onto EA Sports and its hugely popular FIFA game. Offering excellent gameplay, the ability to build your very own squad of stars on Ultimate Team, and endless online gaming opportunities, FIFA mobile is easily the best football game for a session on a mobile phone.

Another EA Sports title, Madden NFL Football is one of the most popular sports games around right now and it’s easy to see why. Offering a similar gaming experience to that of its console counterpart, this particular American football game is a great deal of fun. Players can simulate an entire NFL season, build your own squad, and a whole lot more. A great aspect of Madden NFL Football is that it also updates the game with no charge to its community of gamers.

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis is perhaps a more niche sport, but there is no doubting its entertaining offering in both the real and gaming world. Table Tennis Touch, which offers expert ball physics, isn’t as good as the real thing, but it certainly offers up a great alternative. The graphics are clean and simple, and the water-tight control system makes it fairly easy to grasp also.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

(Image via https://twitter.com/Apkfine)

If you’re keen to add a basketball game to your smartphone, then look no further than NBA 2K Mobile Basketball. Featuring the same stars you see on TV and some mightily impressive graphics to boot, NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is just about as realistic as it gets. The gameplay, from its controls to its sound effects, is superb too.

UFC Mobile 2

Giving you the chance to battle it out in the Octagon with some of the world-famous names from the UFC, UFC Mobile 2 is a gem. You can customise your own fighter, the controls are simple to pick up, and the game features an array of events that you can dive into as and when it suits. In terms of an MMA game on mobile, you simply won’t find anything better.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Tennis gamers will no doubt remember the Virtua Tennis games, but not many are aware that you can now enjoy the latest version of the game on mobile. Available on both iOS and Android, Virtua Tennis Challenge offers an arcade-style tennis experience with a great selection of characters and courts to choose from.

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