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Juwan Howard Turns Postgame Handshake Into UFC Showdown

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The Michigan Wolverines have always been known as a historic collegiate franchise, no matter what sport is being played. They’ve been known to produce greats such as Tom Brady, Charles Woodson, and Derek Jeter. But the University of Michigan has also been notorious for being respectful even when they lose in close battles. Even when they’ve had tough matchups and had to accept defeat, they seemed to do it in a way that was respectable in all levels. For example, Jim Harbaugh after their loss to Georgia in the College Football Playoffs:

Jim Harbaugh after the loss to Georgia: “To me, it was one of the best seasons in Michigan football history. We were trying to make it greater.” pic.twitter.com/ygdAnbQWb2

— Brad Galli (@BradGalli) January 1, 2022

Nothing but respect and admiration for his players, as well as Georgia’s team. This type of calm, cool, and collected personality wasn’t the same for Head Coach Juwan Howard following the team’s 77-63 loss against Wisconsin.

Juwan Howard strikes Wisconsin assistant Joe Krabbenhoft after Michigan-Wisconsin game pic.twitter.com/fbv0WKzbT6

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) February 20, 2022

Two things stand out from this video: this is about to be one epic showdown the next time they play and these commentators need to be promoted to boxing or UFC as soon as possible. Like seriously, did you hear the passion and heart that came about from these two? They have been waiting YEARS to make a call like this, and they absolutely killed it.

Now, getting back to the reason we’re all here. Coach Howard was reportedly unhappy with a timeout that Wisconsin Head Coach Greg Gard took late in the 2nd half of a game that was out of reach. Coach Gard can be seen shaking hands with all of the assistants and even some Michigan players, but he does reach and grab Coach Howard’s forearm. This seems like something that may irritate anyone, but there sure seemed to be some emotion that was held in for quite a while that was ignited by the arm grab. Here’s what both of the coaches had to say following the game:

“Apparently, he didn’t like that I called a timeout.”

Wisconsin coach Greg Gard explains what led to the postgame fight with Juwan Howard and the Michigan team. pic.twitter.com/tjgRpGsCQB

— CBS Sports HQ (@CBSSportsHQ) February 20, 2022

Juwan Howard’s said he didn’t appreciate the #Badgers calling a late timeout even though he was pressing with his starters against UW’s bench. pic.twitter.com/mz2gUL7qO8

— Evan Flood (@Evan_Flood) February 20, 2022

Coach Howard has been seen getting upset before, so it wasn’t a shock to see a fiery reaction, especially after an opposing coach stops you in your tracks. Look, whatever way you want to take this is completely fine. The main point here is simple: the NCAA needs to allow coaches to fight it out like hockey. Seriously though, could you imagine if they just gave each one of them a pair of boxing gloves, set the tone by blaring Thunderstruck by AC/DC, and then allowed a minute of fighting between the two?

Joking aside, it will be interesting to see how the NCAA handles this scenario. They’ve already released a statement following the game, but no decisions have been finalized as of yet. One thing is sure, the Big Ten tournament is going to be an absolute battle. Could you all imagine if Wisconsin and Michigan end up playing each other in a pivotal conference tournament game? Or even the NCAA tourney? One can only hope.

Until then, it seems to be coming down to Purdue, Illinois, and Wisconsin atop the Big Ten standings with Ohio State and Rutgers following close behind. This conference is full of surprises, so anything can happen in any given game. Buckle down, fans. It’s about to get wild…as if it hasn’t already.

Oh, and one last thing from this heated matchup: this can’t go unnoticed. Absolute menace.

Diabolical. pic.twitter.com/ExH49Nhx6c

— Eddie Radosevich (@Eddie_Rado) February 20, 2022




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